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The Top 10 Buddha Mudras To Perform

For centuries, hand gestures (mudras) have been well-known for improving an individual’s spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. According to the Vedic tradition, our fingers represent five basic elements: water, mud, fire, wind, and air. They contain concentrated nerve root endings which act as free energy discharge points.
When one touches the finger tips together or to other parts of the palm in different form of ways, this action helps to balance and channelize the flow of energy in the body. The energy that travels through the nerves will stimulate the various chakras.

When it comes to yoga, the use of mudras and pranayama (breath exercises) help to revitalize the flow of energy to various parts of the body. Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism tend to use mudras during their meditations. In Sanskrit, for a long time, hand gestures have been used in different religions, art forms, yoga, dance forms, and meditation.
If you want to energize your body and obtain the healing benefits that mudras offer to the soul and mind, perform the following ten mudras, which were often incorporated by Buddha to enlighten his journey.

  • 1.Karana Mudra

This mudra helps a lot in keeping negativity at bay. In order to perform this mudra, you have to stretch your hand either horizontally and vertically and then turn your palm forward. Press down your two middle fingers using your thumb and then extend the little and index finger straight upward.

  • 2. Varada Mudra

This left hand mudra signifies sincerity, compassion, giving, charity, welcome, and offering. You basically hang your arm naturally at the side of the body while your palm faces outward and your fingers are extended.

  • 3. Uttarabodhi Mudra

This gesture signifies supreme enlightenment, as it can help charge an individual with positive vibrations and energy. For a couple of minutes, both hands are placed on the heart area while both index finger point and touch upward while the remaining fingers intertwined.

  • 4. Anjali Mundra or Namaskara

This gesture is a sign of respect. It helps to evoke positive vibrations in the body. You press your palms together. Holding them to the heart chakra or center of the chest, your fingers point toward the sky.

  • 5. Vitarka Mudra

This mudra evokes the energy of argument, intellectual discussion, and teaching. The tips of your index finger and thumb should touch to form a circle, which will help create a constant flow of information and energy.

  • 6. Abhay Mudra

This mudra is translated as fearlessness. Your right hand should basically be brought to your shoulder level, and your fingers should extend upwards while your palm faces outward.

  • 7. Dhyana Mudra

This mudra provides concentration when meditating. Place both hands on your lap. The right hand should be placed on the left. Fingers should be stretched, and your palms should be facing outward. The thumbs of both of your hands should touch and create a triangle.

  • 8. Bhumisparsha Mudra

This hand gesture represents enlightenment. Hang your arm over your right knee with your right palm turned inward. Your left hand should be placed on your lap with left palm facing upward.

  • 9. Vajradhara Mudra

This particular gesture lets you reach enlightenment. Cross your wrists, over the heart, with your right forearm placed in front of your left one.

  • 10. Dharmachakra Mudra

This mudra allows you to alter your consciousness and helps you stay positive. Place both of your hands near your chest. Your left palm should face your hard while your right palm faces outward. Your thumb and finger should form a circle.


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