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7 Questions to Ask Yourself To Boost Your Energy

As Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out taught us, a lot is happening inside our heads. The more aware we are of our thoughts and feelings, the better we can manage them.

In honor of my coaching business’ two-year anniversary, and in the spirit of Inside Out, here are seven questions I share with clients wanting an energy boost.

1. What would you think you are meant to do if all your past experiences were clues hinting toward your true path?

People spend many years of their lives on a spiritual quest to find their life’s purpose. Most ultimately find that they end up back where they started.

Take a moment to sit still and reflect. What if this purpose was not hidden or difficult to find? What if your life purpose is right in front of you? Where would you be if all you have to do is fit together the pieces of your life, and the answer would appear? Your life’s purpose could be right around the corner if you take the time to look and evaluate.

2. How much time do you spend fulfilling other people’s or society’s expectations or needs?

Take some time to see how much of your day is spent doing what you think you should do rather than what you want to be doing. Do you make enough time for yourself?

This question will help you if you find yourself caught in a cause of the ” I shoulds .” If you spend the majority of your energy trying to please other people how can you satisfy yourself?

Drawing a line between obligation and inspiration is important. Everyone has responsibilities that they have committed or need to fulfill. Though, each one of us must honor our goals and dreams. Respect your time and invest in yourself.

3. If you make yourself a priority, how will other people’s lives improve?

Think about how often you feel guilty about prioritizing yourself over others. It can be easy to support other people instead of thinking about yourself. Ironically even the strongest and most supportive individuals need help. Do not overextend yourself by serving everyone else without keeping something for yourself.

This question reveals the truth about putting yourself first. You are not acting self-involved by saving some of your energy for yourself. In fact, you may find that others will benefit from the time that you give yourself to pursue your aspirations.

4. What would change for you if you stopped justifying your decisions?

Constant over-analysis can get in the way of what your heart wants. It may feel good to weigh out each action that you take. But, with all the distractions this world has to offer it is easy to drown out your inner wisdom with logic. Let your intuitive genius shine. Avoid stifling yourself by over-intellectualizing every intuitive lead that comes to you.

With this question, your intuition is meant to be awakened. Your intuition is that part of you that always seems to know what to do and say without much effort. When you rely on your intuition answers will come to you without the need for justification, you will know that they are right. Use your analytical mind to assess situations not to stifle possibility.

5. Could things be worse?

When everything seems to be going sideways, ask yourself this question. How you answer this question will reveal all of the things that are still going well for you. Focus on what is going well big or small. Concentrating on what is going well will help you move out of crisis management mode and into a state of empowerment. You may find that by focusing on the good, you will begin to find productive ways of moving forward.

6. How do you know the difference between a career and your calling?

What you do for money might not be what you are meant to do. For those seeking their calling, this question will help you identify what is keeping you from meaningful work. The key difference between a calling and a career is your level of engagement. Bear in mind that when you find your calling, you will find the work intrinsically rewarding. The power of extrinsic motivation will fall away.

7. If you gave your stress center stage, what would it say?

When emotions are kept bottled up eventually, they find their way out. Take the time to vent and express yourself. This exercise will allow you to draw out hidden challenging emotions. Giving yourself permission to express your emotions will you give yourself the opportunity to hear yourself. If you listen to your emotions when they appear, you will have the power to release them. Free your emotions and take back the emotional energy they once consumed.

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