7 People You Should Never Trust With Your Secrets

According to Brene Brown, current research studies show that people should trust their own instincts. Specifically, when it comes to trusting only those that earn their trust.
Even though trends have changed in this social media driven world and people are beginning to share every detail of their lives, people should still be mindful of allowing others into their inner world. Because there are some things that may cause some people shame, it can be still be detrimental to an individual psychologically. Which means, people should be aware of who they are sharing their intimate thoughts and feelings with before they open up. With this said, here’s a list of 7 types of people you shouldn’t trust.

1 – The Gossiper

The first person on the list is the gossiper. Fortunately, the gossiper can easily be identified since they seem to be a revolving door of other folks information. Regardless to the person that they speak with, they hold no loyalty to close friends or anyone else that they come in contact with. Fortunately, there are ways that people can deal with the gossiper and that is to minimize the chit chat, eliminate emotional topics and change the topic about others.

2 – The Contingently Happy Friend

The contingently happy friend may have to be weeded out since they are a little more difficult to spot. However, once identified, they can be dealt with accordingly. One of the first things to remember is not to take it personally because they are coming from a sense of insecurity. Always remember, however, they do like a good sob story so they’ll be glad to cry with you. On the other hand, don’t look for a cheerleader when things begin to look up for you.

3 – The Judgmental Friend

The judgmental friend can also be identified because they tend to leave people weighed down where ever they go. This friend is usually not happy in good or bad times since any time can be affront or insult to them. One of the best ways to handle this person is to simply walk away.

4 – The Social Climber

The social climber can easily be seen as well since they normally have one goal in mind and that is to get to the next level by using anyone that they can to do it. Since their main goal is to always look good, they are usually chameleons that take on any shape or size to impress others around them. One of the best ways to handle the social climber is to keep them far at bay to avoid having a carbon copy of your life.

5 – The Over Promiser

Though the over promiser is known for having good intentions, they are normally not the best friends, especially in difficult times. This kind of friend usually has a lot of extra emotional baggage that they are dealing with themselves so it’s really hard for them to be a good friend.

6 – The Bad Intentionalist

The bad intentionalist is someone that everyone should run from, whenever they are identified. These are always dangerous people because they have a diversity of troublesome characteristics that later exposes them as schemers, plotters and sabotages. Therefore, once identified, its best to place a lot of distance and then keep ongoing.

7 – The Competitor

The competitor can be very irritating because they spend their time always trying to be the one who gets one up. This person can also make others unhappy because they are always doing extra unnecessary things to prove themselves.

It’s important to remember that good friends with healthy relationships are great to have. However, everyone does not make a good friend, especially when it comes to keeping secrets. So, one of the best things that you can do is to evaluate who’s around you before you allow people into your personal lives .


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