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5 Things That Tell You Your Gut Instincts Are Communicating Something

Gut instincts! We have experienced them at one point in our lives. It is a strong feeling that hits the pit of your stomach. You may be driving down the road. Suddenly, you get a deep inkling to take a left turn. You miss getting knocked by a truck that was coming your way. That was intuition or your gut telling you that you were in harm’s way.

What is intuition? It can be defined as the ability to understand something immediately devoid of conscious reasoning. The gut feeling guides our instincts. The trick is to know when the intuition or the mind is speaking the truth.

Signs that your gut instincts are communicating something


You are alone in the house. Maybe you are super busy. All over sudden, you hear a voice. The voice is not in your head. We often confuse that for hallucinations. The outer voice in your head comes from a higher self. It might be a feeling warning you to do or change something. It is the little whisper of consciousness that connect with the spiritual realm. Different people have different names. Some call them angels, others call them God.

Whenever that voice speaks, you will feel at ease. Ego will try to drown it with opposition and negativity. However, do not ignore the little whispers in your head. They may be your guide to the expressing concern or the simple answer to the questions.


You are at a red light. Your mind wanders oblivious of the word around you. You may be thinking about your problems or something that needs to be done. Just then, a bumper sticker on the car in front of you reads something that catches your attention. It totally relates to whatever you were thinking. As you drive ahead, you find a billboard with a similar message. This is called synchronicity. They are repetitive signs trying to answer the questions you may have.

Some signs may come through words from strangers or passages in books. The gut instincts are sending external messages that will make the mind quiet allowing you to pay attention. It is amazing how intuition can transpire outer distractions that force us to take notice of our surrounding.

Calm and quiet

Intuition can communicate to us through silence. It is manifested when we feel the desire to be alone or meditate. It is during this period that the serenity takes hold of the spirit and offers us answers. This is when the authentic truth is revealed in us.

Intuition brings joy and certainty to our souls. There is no clear explanation as to how it happens.


When are sleeping, the ego stops dictating us. We are usually in a high state of consciousness. Scenarios and dramatic play are created in our dreams. Some of the dreams uncover the busy and anxious moments of our lives. Before sleeping, take deep breaths and allow the body to relax. Some dreams are messages from intuition.

Your body speaking to you

There are times that we choose to ignore physical pain or ailments. As long as the spiritual, physical and emotional bodies are not in balance, physical issues will appear. When we go against the gut instincts, our bodies pay the hefty price.

Take time to connect with your guidance. Stay open to the intuitive nature. Listen to your body and engage with the present moment.

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