Transformation Time – How To Avoid A Mental Breakdown

All of us go through tough times during our lives and for some people it may mean that they need some methods to deal with their depression or anxiety. Transforming negativity into a positive pattern can take some work, but there are many ways to work against falling backwards into those awful emotions and stresses. Many people have terribly stressful and difficult lives and if everyone was to give in to these painful aspects of life, no one would leave the house. So, try some of these ideas when feeling like a moody day is around the corner and you may just surprise yourself as to how much inner strength you already possess.

Ask for support.

Friends and family may be a great way for you to get some additional supports while going through times of turmoil. They sometimes know you better than you know yourself so lean on them if you need a shoulder to cry on. There are also outside services available such as support groups and therapy if things seem like they are going to be an ongoing problem. Taking the reigns and making decisions to pull yourself out of these gloomy-doomy days is going to just strengthen your spirit and mind in order to go forward.

Meditation and prayer.

We all get stuck in the worries of the world and some times this recording can get stuck on overdrive and you need a mental break from them. Clearing your mind is difficult if you are in the midst of a crisis, but practicing meditation can help you get to that place of peace. Prayer is another great way to fight against the negativity of the world and can remind you that you are not alone.

Self care.

It is so important to rest and relax to stay balanced. Create a spa day either inside your own home or at a salon. Allow yourself to be rejuvenated in a hot steam or massage therapy session. Spend some time letting the energy just flow and treat yourself to special items that may remind you of this day like a new candle.

Focus on the Positive.

A great way to remind yourself of how things are good is to get into a habit of keeping a gratitude or personal blessings list. Past memories of good times may be a great way to remember that things will get better eventually and that there is another side.

Make new connections.

They say that water seeks its own level and you may need to clean house of negative people that are bringing you down or causing you pain. We develop unhealthy relationships in the midst of difficult times and often these are people you need to release back to the universe for your growth to happen.

Stay in the present.

The present is the gift that life offers. There are no tomorrows or yesterdays that we have any control over so remaining aware of your life in the here and now is a very powerful way to live. Taking thins moment by moment, savoring each one is a good way to create an atmosphere of self love and peace.

Get busy.

Hobbies and interests are another option for you and if you are just feeling too down to pull anything out to do, try creating an area in your home that can be a place for you to be creative once you have muscled up some energy. Maybe just creating this space will open you up for a project.

The Hobbit hole.

Everyone needs safe places in their life where you can be your authentic self without judgement or shame. For some people you may find solace in nature, at a church or on the couch of a good friend. Your home needs to give you a virtual hug when you come home. You may want to put a wreath on the door as a visual that you are entering your sacred space. Leave the bad attitude and thoughts on the outside and allow you place to be one of regeneration and peace.

Self talk.

We sometimes beat ourselves to a bloody pulp on an emotional level through our thoughts. Changing these old patterns may be difficult, but replace them with mantras of love or peace, say a little prayer, sing a little tune. Try something that allows you to get out of that space. Affirmations may work as well.

Take a time out.

We all need alone time to tune out the stresses of the day and sometimes our support system gets in the way of these emotional storms. If you feel one approaching, take a walk or excuse yourself for a moment so you can balance out again. Lashing out on our loved ones is not going to help our cause.

There are many options out there. Take the time to find the ones that work best for you and keep investigating new ones. Depression and anxiety, mood swings and negativity do not have to rule your life. There is a great, big world out there.

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