The Girl For The First Time Holds Her Newborn Sister In Her Arms, Vows To Always Protect Her

When parents are expecting a child, they never know how their young children will react to the arrival of a new sibling overnight. Some children are happy to have a baby, while others are more reserved and perhaps even honest about how long it will take this tiny human for mom and dad. In short, an infant requires a lot of time and care, and older children will receive less attention. It’s natural and has been this way since time immemorial, but it can still be confusing for little ones. One thing experts recommend doing to make it more fun and less intimidating is to include children in the upcoming birth of their new brother or sister.

When two-year-old Molly Conley learned that her mom, Heather, was going to have a baby, the little girl was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait for the new arrival. In fact, the nine months of wait seemed to take forever to Molly. After all, when you’re three years old, nine months is a very long time. Molly already had an older brother, Jack, but she was extremely excited about being a big sister and she wanted to make sure she was as warm and welcoming to the new baby as Jack had been to her. Every day, Molly grew more and more excited and it seemed like the baby was never going to come.


When she was told that she was getting a baby sister, Molly was over the moon with joy, but she still had to wait a long time before she would have this little girl as a built-in playmate and best friend. To Molly’s disappointment, the baby wasn’t born in time for Molly’s birthday party, but her mom advised her to enjoy it. After all, this would be Molly’s last birthday as the baby. Finally, the day came. Molly woke up one morning to find amazing news from her aunt. Baby Cora had made it into the world safely and she was completely adorable.


When Molly’s aunt took the little girl to the hospital, Molly went to meet her little sister as soon as she could have visitors. As soon as Molly arrived and walked into the maternity ward, she looked at that baby and seemed to fall head over heels in love. She was overcome with emotion and just cradled her little sister in her arms as she began to make promises to the newborn. “You just came out of mommy’s belly. I won’t drop you… I won’t let you go anymore,” she said. Watch the sweet video below.