Siblings hold hands for the first time after crash killed parents and 2-month-old sister

Four siblings in the Clemens family barely survived an April 7 car crash that killed their parents and 2 month-old baby sister. Jim, 31, and Karisa Clemens, 29, as well as 2-month-old Juliana Clemens were killed when their family’s vehicle collided with an SUV.

The four survivors of the crash were the family’s four older children: Angela, 8, Zachary, 5, Wyatt, 4, and Nicholas, 2. Soon after the crash, a photo of Angela and Wyatt reuniting for the first time went viral, touching the hearts of people all over the world.


Their great aunt Teresa Burrell, who was with the children at the hospital, said that getting the children together was a “magical healing moment” and something that helped them all. The siblings sang songs together, and the boys were able to eat ice cream.

The experience was especially healing for Zachary.

“We saw the strength and courage that these siblings give to one another,” Burrell recounted on Facebook. “Zachery has been really struggling and is having a hard time eating and taking his medicines. Besides the physical pain he experiences, he has been depressed.”


Burrell went on to describe what happened when Wyatt visited Angela’s hospital room. After they lay together holding hands for awhile, Wyatt turned to her and said, “Angie, I am going back to my room now.” She rolled over and told him, “Wyatt, I need you.”

“That active, sweet boy sat and held his sisters hand for another 25 minutes,” Burrell wrote. “Wyatt doesn’t sit anywhere for 25 minutes. It was a sweet testament of the love these siblings have for one another.”

Over $290,000 has been raised to help pay for the Clemens’ siblings medical expenses. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!