Boy,13, in desperate need of a kidney after dad kills mom, who was planning to give one of hers

Kincaid Eaker is a 13-year-old who had a pretty rought start in life, the little boy was born with a chronic kidney disorder called polycystic kidney disease. Clusters of fluid-filled sacs, called cysts, develop in the kidneys and interfere with their ability to filter waste products from the blood. The growth of cysts causes the kidneys to become enlarged and can lead to kidney failure. So the only chance for Kincaid to survive is a kidney transplant. His mother, Audra Eaker was fully ready to save her son’s life when the tests proved she’s a match for him. However, a tragedy occured that took Audra’s life and left Kincaid without his mom and a chance to survive. On December 27, 2016, when Audra left a Christmas party,  and her husband, Darrell Eaker, shot her.

Credit: Kincaid Needs A Kidney

Audra had previously lost two kids to the same disease, one at four weeks old and the other at only four days. There was a 1 in 4 chance of the disease being able to affect her kids and it happened to all of them.  “Needless to say her spirit was crushed. It took her years to find her light,” wrote her best friend of 17 years, Brandy Love, who started a GoFundMe page to help Kincaid find a kidney. She added, “In 2004 she found her light and purpose in a little girl that she adopted from China. Her name is Olivia and she is courageous and beautiful!” Love hopes to bring some joy into Olivia’s life, who now fears she is going to lose her younger brother. She has even created a Facebook page called Kincaid Needs A Kidney.

Credit: Kincaid Needs A Kidney

The children’s father was sentenced to life without parole, plus 16 years according to Cherokee Tribune & Ledger News, and they now live with their loving and protective grandparents in Tennessee but visit Atlanta often as the transplant will also take place there. Kincaid has survived so far due to continued medical support, medication and lots of visits to the hospital. But he is now finally on the transplant waiting list and the doctors are optimistic that he could go into surgery as early as Christmas this year. However, they are yet to find a matching donor.

“I  guess my plea to you is to consider getting tested for organ donation for Kincaid. The waiting list is very long for a deceased donor. The success rate for a live donor is so much better and faster,” Love explains on the GoFundMe page. If you would like to consider being tested, you can do it here. “I feel that with the passing of my best friend this is what I can do to honor her life,” Love said and is determined to find help for the family and a kidney for Kincaid.