Journalist mocks man for proposing in KFC, then big companies come together to fund the couple’s dream wedding

Hector Mkansi is not a rich guy, but he did his best to give a decent marriage proposal to his future bride Nonhlanhla Soldaat. so he invited her to her favorite restaurant, got down on his knee and asked her to be his wife.

As Mr. Mksani told TimesLIVE in an interview, “My wife loves food – she loves chicken. But to be honest, this is where I can afford food for my whole family.”

With cheering and applauding, onlooking KFC patrons, his shy bride said “yes”.

Meanwhile, a bystander, Mr. Kateka Malobola, got his camera phone and began to film. Moved by what he witnessed, he posted the video to his social media accounts to share with friends. His friends shared with their friends who shared with their friends and the rest, shall we say, is viral internet history.

Not everyone was touchy-feely about Mr. Mkansi’s loving gesture. The opposition that struck a pinched, social-media nerve came from @butterfly_Anele. Her comments about men who propose at KFC having absolutely no class rattled the audience and the community clap back was swift.

In a very moving gesture, KFC initiated a #KFCProposal challenge to which businesses and individuals flocked to support. So, instead of the couple having a modest wedding, they are going full-throttle with a free wedding, food, music from a guest artist, new car, vacations, money and even new rings. And, at last count, the list of donations is still growing.

And, as for @butterfly_Anele? Well, she has since fluttered away and removed her viral post. As for the couple, their wedding date has been set for December 31, 2019. It is anticipated that the world will be watching #streetwisewedding.

In this culture of who can do it bigger and better, Mr. Mksani has forced us to think about what is really important. It was apparent from the reaction of Mrs. Soldaat that love, not location, is what mattered most to her. Will we see marriage proposals scaled down as a result of this video? What do you and your friends think? Let us know.