Blind man with guide dog forced to stand on crowded train as other passengers won’t offer him a seat

Being nice and understanding towards each other is the basic rule to live together in a good society. For example, when you see a blind man or an elderly person standing in a crowded bus, you should offer them your seat because he/she in more need of it than you. So what happened to Jonathan Attenborough  would send a wave of criticism through the entire public transit system in Scotland.

Jonathan Attenborough, a 30-year-old disability and inclusion advocate, boarded a ScotRail service from Edinburgh to Perth on Tuesday, but had no choice but to stand in the aisle with his guide dog.

Attenborough boarded the train with the assistance of a ScotRail staff, who did not guide him towards a priority seat as the train was very crowded. Assuming that the other passengers would definitely guide him to a seat, Attenborough asked people around him if there were any seats available. To his dismay, his repeatedly asked question was responded to, but with cold silence.

Attenborough was forced to stand the entire duration of his trip in absolute dismay. He explained to The Sun that being a blind individual, standing for extended periods can cause vertigo, instability and the potential to fall over.

After the trip had concluded, Jonathan began to send tweets to the company expressing his concerns about how the railway deals with disabled passengers. Although Attenborough thought his opinion would go unnoticed, it caught the attention of ScotRail.

In response to the ordeal, a spokesman from ScotRail explained to The Sun, “We’re currently rolling out mandatory training outlined in the ORR Assisted Travel Policy. All new staff, including senior and key managers, will receive this as part of their induction.”

To Jonathan’s amazement, his experience would go on to help disabled and visually impaired passengers that use public transportation as a means of travel. He also received support on social media such as one man who said, “Shame on every one of those passengers. You shouldn’t even have had to ask.”

Do we, as a society, dare to be brave? This story illustrates that although you may be a good, charitable person in private, you need to be bold in public. When you see injustice in the world, you must lend a helping hand and correct the errors you see before you. Doing so will allow you to experience peace of mind and improve the quality of life for others.

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