Police warn women to keep their purses safely secured to their cart while holiday shopping

All comes to mind when we hear of the holiday season is all the good and joyful times we spend with our loved ones exchanging love and gifts. We don’t think of criminal activities that put our personal safety at risk. Sadly, the world today isn’t a safe place, and we should pay attention to ourselves everyday.

Most people in this world are decent and kind. However, there are some bad apples in this world that ruin otherwise good things for everyone else around them. Women sadly need to be on their guard against thieves and criminals who are targeting women while they do their holiday shopping.

The Windham Police Department in New Hampshire took to social media to warn women about the dangers that face them when they go shopping during the holiday season as reported here at GoodHouseKeeping.com.

One of the risks facing female shoppers is the rise of thieves who take advantage of crowded shopping centers and department stores to rob women’s wallets from their purses when they aren’t looking.

A holiday shopping safety tip for women. When using a shopping cart as you browse through the store, keep your purse…

Gepostet von Windham, NH Police Department am Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017

Many women will put their handbags in the top compartment of shopping carts, which the officers of the Windham police force warn leaves women’s belongings vulnerable to thieves. They instead advise that women either keep their handbag on their person or use the child safety belt attached to carts to secure their bag and make it more difficult for thieves to try to steal their belongings.

The holiday season can present other safety hazards for female shoppers. As the days become shorter and the sun sets earlier in the day, many women find themselves having to walk to their cars alone in the dark.


In these scenarios, it’s important that women understand that it’s always okay to request the escort of a security guard. All department stores and shopping malls will gladly call a guard to escort a woman if she’s uncomfortable walking to her vehicle by herself.

It’s important that women never feel guilty or uncomfortable when it comes to taking steps to protect their personal safety. This extends beyond holiday shopping. If you’re attending a holiday party where someone is behaving inappropriately towards you, never be afraid to either say something to the host or to leave the party entirely.


Crime is a sad part of our shared reality and unfortunately women often suffer the most. However, we can all do our part to make the world a slightly safer place. If you see something inappropriate happening, never be afraid to speak up and contact the authorities.

If you see a woman who appears uncomfortable or who you believe may have been victimized by a thief, be courageous and offer your assistance. You might just end up being her holiday miracle.


Show this story to both the women and the men in your life to ensure that we all have the safest and healthiest holiday season ever. Remember, we’re our strongest when we’re all united in our commitment to helping one another.