More seniors are investing in tiny houses to live out their golden years off-grid and burden-free

Before when people were growing old, they were faced with two options of living either to stay in a traditional sized home or being forced to move to a retirement house. Now, thanks to the tiny houses trend, there is now a third alternative for them.

Not only are tiny homes easier to upkeep, but they can also be mounted on wheels so that the owners can use them to travel across the country, reports AARP. The ease of mobility not only makes this a great home for those who want to sightsee in their retirement days, but they also help some seniors travel to see their children and grandchildren who are located in different states.

Depending on the senior’s specific needs, these “Granny Pods” can also be designed to make everyday activities more achievable in spite of health problems. From traditional wheelchair ramps to more advanced harnesses and virtual assistants that help with medical problems, these homes strive to meet each person’s needs. Ultimately, the tiny homes provide seniors with everything they need to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Dani Moore is one retiree who is making the most of her “Granny Pod” or tiny house. She told TODAY Home that as she has limited mobility and is confined to a wheelchair, the one-story tiny house made it easy for her to navigate and keep the small area clean, while also attaching a ramp onto the side of it so she can come and go as she wants.

While it’s easy to see that these homes are practical, many people grapple with questions about how much enjoyment they could really get from a tiny house. 72-year-old Bette Presley is one woman who has been living in a 166 square foot tiny house for the last 14 years of her life.

Remarkably, she told TODAY Home that these have been the best years so far! The tiny home not only allowed Bette the opportunity to save money by downsizing, but also gave her the chance to fulfill her dream of living off the grid with the help of solar panels.

If you’re considering downsizing after retirement and aren’t sure where to look next, a tiny home might be right up your alley. These cute abodes provide owners with a small, personalized space and usually go for as little as $10,500, according to Tiny House Blog.

Have you ever been in a tiny home before? Let us know what you thought of the experience and whether you consider a “Granny Pod” to be a good retirement home.