Farm gives away 465 Christmas trees to military families

There are many ways to help people in need, you can offer money or donating things to people who need them, there are kind people everywhere and this is how we should each other. Doing small things for someone can improve their life. Some people even think about grandiose and large gestures such as help in building schools or medical centers in remote places.

These are all wonderful things to do, but there are times when our eagerness to serve ends up causing us to overlook what we’ve been blessed with and the different ways in which we can contribute to our own community with talents that we have.

Wahmhoff Farms Nursery is an excellent example. This farm that grows pine trees may not have an obvious way of helping the local community, but the owners brainstormed until they came up with an excellent idea. The farm has discovered a way to use their specialty to improve the Christmases of hundreds of families around the community.

The farm, based in Michigan, has joined others in the movement called “Trees for Troops”. WHAS-TV reports that the outreach has grown 225,000 Christmas trees and given them to military families over the course of 14 years.

According to MLive, Wahmhoff Farms Nursery has been acting as a donation and loading base since 2006. This year alone, the nursery set up an area designed to donate and load 465 Christmas trees. It was a large operation that required many volunteers.

On Facebook, it was shared that 100 volunteers helped to load 465 Christmas trees onto two large FedEx trailers on the 2nd of December. The trees are off to Fort Hood and Fort Knows military bases according to the post.

In an interview with MLive, Dan Wahmhoff said that he was supportive and proud of the troops and wanted to give back for their service. Betsy Wahmhoff Perales said that the nursery is just one piece of a larger puzzle.

A small puzzle pieces perhaps but a necessary one for sure. Volunteers show up from around the area and FedEx even agrees to deliver the trees without a fee. Lon Schafer, one of the volunteers, told MLive that supporting the troops was his “favorite day of the year.”

It’s beautiful to see communities coming together and donating their time, energy, and expertise to help give troops a great Christmas. It’s a ‘thank you’ for their service and dedication to their country.