Now, Studies Indicate How Forgiveness Affects Your Health

Your mental state about an issue has a direct impact on your health. When you hold a grudge against a person, it affects your health directly. John Hopkins medicine sheds light on the relationship between anger and physical health. When you have chronic anger issues, your body automatically enters fight or flight mode due to the stress.

This results in innumerable changes including variations in blood pressure, heart rate, and immune response. As a result, it can cause various ailments like heart disease, depression, diabetes and others. Forgiveness, on the other hand, soothes your stress levels, thereby improving your health.

Forgiveness is an art, a quality that you must have

Great men such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, Bruce Lee, Oscar Wilde, Buddha, Mark Twain and several others preached and practiced forgiveness. When you want the best things to happen to the people who hurt you, you achieve the true level of forgiveness.
What does Research Say?

The Journal of Health Psychology has conducted a research which shows that forgiveness can greatly help with mental illness and stress. They are now focusing the research on identifying the cause of this benefit. Boffins says that forgiveness can be learned and that is why therapists develop exercises to help you practice forgiveness right at home.

How do you deal with your anger?

Often, we can forgive others only because we cannot control our emotions. The first step to forgiveness is identifying why you are angry. When you face your issues directly and inculcate self-love, you can overcome your anger and forgive those who hurt you. You can talk to others about how much their actions hurt you and this can free you from your chains of anger. By liberating yourself, you can practice forgiveness. This will, in turn, improve your positive mood and add to your charisma.

Buddha is an epitome of living a stress-free life. There is a story about Buddha and a man who spat on his face. When Buddha was talking to his disciples, a man spat on his face. Buddha didn’t react with anger and instead he simply wiped his face and asked if the man has to say anything. The puzzled man was caught off-guard by this reaction and he went home confused. He couldn’t sleep that night. The next day, the man threw himself at the feet of Buddha asking for forgiveness.

Final Verdict

Buddha simply said that no man remains the same as the previous day just like a flowing river. The man who spat on someone is now falling at the feet of the same person. Without even mentioning the word forgiveness, Buddha lived to show the importance of forgiveness.

If you want a healthy and happy life, learn to forgive and practice it. You will be better off, at peace with yourself and feel more confident about the way you are. Plus, you would live a life worth telling others about. Why not start today?

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