The topic of mind control has been around since the first power-hungry leader strove to control the ones he/she ruled as if they were automated machines. Those who study human nature and behaviors are striving for methods to gain control over the human mind by manipulating human nature. Now, with more modern technology, mind control has become much more tangible; a real threat. Mind control is on its way to becoming a permanent, that is, if we keep on acting oblivious to the tools available to those striving for a technocratic dictatorship all over the world.

Mind control of the modern world has evolved into a system that involves both psychology and technology. It has been proven that exposing methods of mind control can make one become resistant to the methods; that’s why learning about a human’s psychology is necessary. Methods of mind control using propaganda and advertising can be eliminated. Mind attacks made by physical intrusions are harder to contradict, and unfortunately, physical mind control is becoming more prominent.
Here are a few methods of psychological mind control that can be countered.

  • 1. Advertising and propaganda

The consumerist culture, which was said to be invented by Edward Bernays, was designed to transform one’s wants into needs. The impact of media on the people has driven governments to join forces with big businesses. Advertisers use subliminal messaging to direct a similar message everywhere that you’ll be able to identify if one starts to pay attention.

  • 2. Education

Education is a prime tool to use to subliminally manipulate and suppress future generations. Dictators can use the educational system to purposely dumb down their citizens and make them more submissive to control.

  • 3. Sports, religion, and politics

Even though that the topics of sports, religion, and politics being methods of mind-control can be insulting to some, it’s hard to deny that these three topics have been used for mind control purposes. Sports is used to distract from events of actual importance. Religion is usually part of the reason for every war in history. Politics are the key to controlled oppression. These three methods of mind control are easily overlooked, but they are there.

  • 4. Predictive programming

Some still deny that predictive programming even exists, but if you examine the documentation put together by Alan Watt, you may find it hard to come to any other conclusion. Take a glimpse at books and movies that you would generally believe are far-fetched, and compare them to society today. If you examine the evidence of predictive programming, so called “entertainment” will become an entirely different thing to you.

  • 5. Drugs

Anything that is addictive can be used as a type of mind control. Medication that dulls the mind has been issued to about 25% of the children in the world, which has potential to drastically alter what their potential in the world may be. Read the book Brave New World, and this concept may be easier to understand. It all begins with sedating those with “mental disorders” the first chance medical offices get, and completely altering them.

  • 6. Food, water, and air

There are some additives that can be added to processed food, sink water, and even sent through the air that can change the way we think and cause us to become apathetic. Flouride is scientifically proven to lower IQ levels, aspartame is known to overwork brain cells until they die, and aspartame is available in fast foods. There’s no wonder why our current population lacks action and focus.

Here are a few methods of physical mind control that one needs to be wary of.

  • 1. Electromagnetic spectrum

We’re already captured by a large electromagnetic spectrum created from our devices. Our modern devices are proven to have a direct impact on how our minds function on a day to day basis. Researchers have begun to work on designing helmets that transmit images into our heads, like the helmets you see in dystopian movies that are used to control the way people think.

  • 2. Television and computers

Television and computers alter brain waves with a kind of hypnosis. Computers overload the brain with information, usually useless information. The rapidness of the television/computer world influences minds to become adapted to being in an ADHD state. Video games have been known to slow blood flow to the brain and connect players from reality.

  • 3. Nanobots

This sounds like something that would be in science fiction, but it’s leaking into the modern world. Brain modification is called Neuroengineering, and once all the kinks in brain modifications are worked out, people can be controlled in an instant. The worst part about the nanobots is that they’re not a thing of the distant future; their expected arrival is in the 2020’s

  • 4. Military testing

Military is the ideal place to breed obedience, naturally or with mind control. The military mind is meant to be pushed around like clay and formed to obey those of a higher stance no matter what the command is. DARPA even has plans to create military helmets that allow military personnel to become more focused and obedient.

Methods of mind control exist, and the methods are progressively becoming more threatening. Social scientists are working on ways to ensure that humanity is not fully awake nor free. By drawing attention to their attempts to put us under is the only way we can regain our freedom.

Zoya Miller
Source: The Mind unsleashed


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