Meditative State of Mind Linked to Breathing Focus

A person’s state of mind is linked closely with various psychological processes that are ongoing in your body. The entire mediation experience of an individual may alter based on where breathing is focused.

A recent study from Brown University shows that focusing on breathing through the nose or from your belly during the meditation process results in two distinctive mental states. People who breath from the belly often feel more in tune with bodily sensations. Those who breath through their nose will typically be more aware of the feeling they get from their attention.

Two meditation groups were used for the study in which student participants were assigned. One group focused on breathing through the nose and the other focused on breathing from the belly. They were all asked to document any experiences in a journal once meditation had concluded.

An analysis of the journal entries was created by two coders. The experiences of the group participants were mostly personal. The coding for personal experiences is known as grounded theory methodology and is a method of research that works in reverse. A hypothesis is made after the key points are marked with codes after all data has been collected.

More body sensations occurred to group participants who were breathing from the belly. The feeling of the attention from nose breathers and their state of mind during awareness was described.

Researchers believed participants who were breathing from their belly had developed a type of resting-state with connectivity across the intuitive part of the brain. This is the part that plays a role in feelings that are from the gut and have various emotional aspects.

One of the most important aspects of meditation is breathing as used as an object of concentration. The person who focuses on their breathing becomes more aware of the tendency of their mind to jump from one thought to another. Focusing on one type of breathing helps you develop a sense of mindfulness.

Source: Spirituality & Health

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