Lucid Dreams Don’t Have To Be Out Of Reach For You

For anyone who has ever wished that they could fly, or travel around the world in about 30 seconds, it really is possible if you just do it in your dreams. Basically, you can do just anything you could possibly think of or want, and do it from your own bed with something called lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a method of being conscious of what you are dreaming when you dream. It can be an exhilarating journey for many dreamers, but is also used by some as a technique for solving problems and exploring the psyche. At first, mastering lucid dreaming might seem a bit complicated, but with a few simple techniques designed to aid in the navigation of the ream world, this process becomes easier to grasp:

  • 1.) Start With Stating Your Intentions Prior to Falling Asleep

Simply give yourself a clear mission statement before falling asleep. You could start with just realizing that you’re dreaming. Doing this could make it much more likely that you will have lucid dreams due to the power of your brain.

  • 2.) Check to see if You are Dreaming While You are Awake

Sometimes dreams appear to be realistic while you’re dreaming, but seem crazy when you wake up? For instance, if you’re in your home, but all of a sudden you have a pet elephant. While you were dreaming, that elephant seemed perfectly normal. This dream element is what makes reality checks so important. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of asking yourself if you are dreaming every once in awhile, especially when you see pet elephants. If you question these strange occurrences when you’re awake, then you’ll actually start doing the same when you are in a dream state. That way, you’ll come to the realization that there is no pet elephant.

  • 3.) Using the Dot Technique Can Help

If you find it difficult to implement these reality checks, simply try drawing a dot on your hand. Put it anywhere on your hand that you like, but be sure to remain consistent. Put it in the same spot every night. When you look at it, you’ll be reminded that you are awake and not dreaming. Anytime you look at your hand in your dream, but don’t see the dot, you will know that you are dreaming.

  • 4.) A Digital Wristwatch Could Also Help

If you prefer not to draw a dot on your hand, just purchase a digital wristwatch, if you don’t already have one. Wear it and get into the habit of checking it at regular intervals. Digital clocks and watches don’t make any sense in dreams. It will seem that many hours have gone by, or the watch has letters instead of numbers or it is blurry in dreams. If you check your watch, then look away and back immediately, if it only changed by a second, then you are not dreaming. If it changed drastically, such as from night to morning, then you are in a lucid dream.

  • 5.) Get Adequate Sleep for More Dreams

It may seem rather obvious, but you can’t have lucid dreams without sleeping. Your. brain is most active during the phase of sleep called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. You are more likely to dream during REM sleep. You enter into REM sleep every 90 minutes according to Scientific American. And, your periods of REM sleep get longer the more you sleep. So, your periods of dreaming are naturally longer if your sleep seven to nine hours per night than if you were only to sleep a couple of hours.

  • 6)Try Keeping a Dream Journal

Have you ever awakened in the morning, vividly remembering a dream that you had, but finding that later in the day you are unable to remember any of it? To experience lucid dreaming, it is important to start getting into the dream-remembering habit. One of the best ways for doing just that is to use a dream journal. Keep your journal and a pen or pencil adjacent to your bed, so that you can write dreams down before they slip away from you.

  • 7)Keep Your Alarm Clock Near Your Bed

That way, you won’t have to get up to turn it off. Getting up could cause you to forget your dreams. If it’s nearby, you can turn it off quickly and then immediately write down your dreams in your journal.

  • 8)Don’t Eat, Drink Alcohol, or Take Meds Right Before Bedtime

Any of those could impede the lucid dream process. It also could interfere with the ability to remember those dreams.

  • 9)Take Notice of Personal Dream Cues

It’s important to recognize your dream cues, which are recurring patterns in your dreams. You’ll be more able to recognize that you are asleep and dreaming when you notice those cues.

  • 10)Try Meditation

Sometime you may find that you wake up from your dreams from shock. Preventing this can be facilitated through meditation to become accustomed to being in a dream-like state. It’s also just plain good for you.

  • The Science of Dream Spinning

Avoidance of awakening at the onset of your lucid dreams can be accomplished through certain methods. Stephen LaBerge is a lucid dream expert and psychopsychologist and he states that dream spinning is an excellent method for counteracting the shock of realizing that you were dreaming. And, precisely as it sounds, you are spinning yourself around to a place of concentrating on the dream itself. He explains that this method is highly effective because the feeling of movement inside the dream can aid in keeping you present in a lucid dream. Try it the next time that you are cognizant that you are dreaming. Then go right ahead and enjoy your phenomenal experience in the lucid dream world!

Source: The Mind Unleashed


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