How To Lift Your Spirit Up When Feeling Broken Inside

Some things happen in life that can sometime push you to the limit, leaving you with a negative thinking, a feeling of despair and hopelessness. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up entirely—it means you need to take a step back and let those feelings come to the surface. At one point in a person’s life he/she feels broken because of the experiences he/she goes through. Instead of going down the path of negative thinking when faced with such terrifying experiences, you should take it as a life lesson meant to make you stronger and more capable of dealing with life. So, rise out from your brokenness and make it a gift to your happiness. Here are things you should engage in to lift up your spirit when feeling broken inside.

Remember There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Getting broken is an opportunity for the light to enter your soul. Getting broken on the inside through heart-wrenching experiences is an opportunity for you to realize the good in the world, and an opportunity for your soul to be transformed. If you just have positive, uplifting experiences all the time, you would have no room for growth, and you won’t have experiences that would challenge you to become a more resilient, powerful person.

Instead of Fighting Your Feelings, Honor Them

Don’t weigh yourself down from negative or heavy feelings. Instead, learn to accept and honor such feelings. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t experience such feelings in your life. Sometimes, crying, screaming, falling to your knees, or just accepting these waves of emotions is a form of honoring those feelings. Keeping such emotions locked up inside can backfire in the end. Fighting off heavy feelings may only delay the breakdown. Be bold enough and find where those deep emotions are harbored and confront them to figure out how to get out of them.

Have a Well-Rounded Perspective

Hardships should not make you forget your purpose in life. We all have a purpose in life—to love with all our hearts and make the planet a wonderful place to live. When feeling broken, think about your purpose here on earth. If you don’t go through unpleasant experiences, you won’t be able to relate with other so many people who go through hard times almost every day.

Broaden Your Perspective

The world won’t burn down in flames because of your one bad day experience—it doesn’t mean the whole world shares your perspective. Therefore, remember to broaden your perspective next time you have a bad experience.

Remember Family and Friends Are There For You

You have family and friends to comfort you and be your rock when going through hard times. Therefore, don’t shy from asking for their help. Don’t feel you are a burden for them because they also need you.

Focus On the Things That Bring You Happiness

When feeling broken, don’t focus your attention entirely to despair and forget about the things that bring you happiness. Go out and seek some sunshine, ride a bike, catch up with friends over coffee, or simply do anything that makes your heart light up with joy.

Remember You Don’t Own Your Feelings or Thoughts

Your feelings just come and go—you don’t really own them and you just have to watch them as they make an appearance. Therefore, you don’t have to identify with your feelings or thoughts. You are more than your temporary feelings or emotions, so don’t let them control you.

Negative Feelings Are Only Temporary Since Life Consists Of Ups And Downs

Don’t take the negative feelings seriously and overlook that we don’t spend forever in this existence. When you look back on your life, you will thank your brokenness just as much as your happiness because it taught you on your personal journey.


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