Some Lessons In What Good Teaching Is All About

Who is Bertrand Russel? He is no other than one of the top premier logicians of the 20th century. What made Russel stand out was the fact that he was far more than just a British philosopher. He was also a mathematician, historian, and political activist supreme. The most important of all things, he was in essence, was no other than a very original form of teacher who was very profound in his own way. He had a very unique philosophy of religion that was outstanding in its own way. This philosophy of religion is the very thing that went on to influence other modern champions for philosophy such as Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. As he was a teacher, Russel did wish to do one thing, and this one thing was to promulgate this Liberal Decalogue as being a vision that doe share the responsibilities of a good teacher. Let’s try to break them down here. They are:

  • 1. Never feel 100% certain of anything

“Being uncertain is terrible and we do try to get rid of it. It becomes a hazard for a certain mischief.” Edmund Burke

Russel would probably end up being the very first to state that there is wisdom to be found in uncertainty. Absolute uncertainty gets you absolutely nowhere. It does bite. It is true that certainty is comfortable. It is also very stagnant, boring, and can lead to intellectual inertia. What is even worse is that it can encourage th presence of closed-mindedness. The reason that uncertainty is far superior is apparent. Truth is allowed to grown and changein its own way with the passage of time. Don’t just believe in things. You should endeavor to take things into consideration first.

  • 2. Do not think it is a good thing to go ahead and conceal evidence in secret

” In religion, as well as, politics there is beliefs and convictions that are arrived at second-hand. They are also without any examination as well. — Mark Twain

Evidence is something that is sure to come to light one day. Therefore, concealing evidence is not the answer. It is far better to reveal it then to conceal it. Reveal the truth. Don’t hide it. It may very well end up being the thing to bring you down later on.

  • 3. Never discourage the presence of thinking and you will succeed

“The secret of freedom lies within being able to educate people. The secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant. —- Maximilien Robespierre.

  • Do you want to be a great liberator or a tyrant?

If you want to be great liberator. Do educate people and encourage thinking as much as is possible. If you only wish to be a tyrant, be it, and encourage people to be ignorant and discourage thinking. Tyranny is the one force that does help the powerful to keep on being powerful.

A good teacher when it comes right down to teaching is a teacher that wants their students to think for themselves. This will even apply if it means that the teacher may lose power in the process themselves. This is because the definition of a teacher is not about creating followers. It is far more about creating leaders. A teacher will find true join if one of his or her students does become a teacher themselves one day.

These are just some lessons in what good teaching is all about Being able to teach others is a gift and something that is meant to be shared all the time. This is because teaching is about life and life is about teaching. They both do go together hand in hand.





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