Learn How to Recognize an Extreme Narcissist in Your Circle

We can’t always have, sweet, caring, nurturing, and kind people coming our way in life. If it were that way, then the world would be a much better place.

Fact check: It’s NOT that way. So, let’s face it. People with different kinds of personalities and characters will come into our lives at some point. We may be friends with them, go to school with them, work with or for them, and most importantly, we could date or marry them.

Narcissists are as annoying as the burning summer sun. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a mental disorder in which a person projects an excessive interest or admiration in their physical appearance and has an inflated sense of self-importance [1]. Clinical symptoms of NPD may include the inability to graciously accept criticisms or corrections, a desperate need for admiration, approval, and praise from others, and a total disregard or lack of concern for the feelings of others.

Narcissists are toxic people. They tend to make others feel inferior, unimportant, and less of themselves. They act like the world and everyone else in it should be under their feet. Many times, we encounter such people in our lives. The only way to deal with them is to avoid them completely.

Before that, you have to identify them. Here are a few solid character traits you can’t miss in a narcissist [2].

Narcissists crave admiration

A narcissist lives with the separate need for attention, admiration, and words of cheap praise. They can’t cope if they go a long time without having someone commend something about them. This could be their physical appearance, their achievements, their display of versatility, or just the person they woke up being that day. They make friends with groupies and cronies who lack self-confidence. This means they’ll always be in full supply of words of admiration.

They dislike being challenged                                        

It never sits well with a narcissist when someone opposes their opinion on an issue. They tend to get on the defensive, not necessarily providing reasons as to why their statement makes more sense, but they’ll most likely be giving reasons why everyone should listen to them – perfect, all-knowing person they are – and not their challenger.

They can’t handle criticism

A narcissist sees himself as perfection personified. Criticizing them about the smallest and most insignificant of things will set them off in a bad way. If they don’t lash out at everyone, they’ll recoil into a shell. This will go to show that most of the self-confidence they appear to possess stems from a deep-rooted façade. Something they created at some point to protect themselves from emotional vulnerability.

They can’t maintain a relationship for long

Narcissists pick out their partners based on looks, wealth, and other physical attributes. They either date people who are as narcissistic as they are, or they’ll date people who adore them and will never stop showering them with words of admiration. They’ll also date people who will make them look good and classy. They don’t care about their partner’s feelings. As long as things are going exactly as they desire, then the world can keep rotating at a regular pace.

Narcissists are always after the fast-paced, high-and-mighty, wealthy lifestyle

They’ll always be quick to attach themselves to people who spend lavishly and carelessly. They are extra-perfect, as they think, and they can’t exactly live a life of penury. They are great exploiters and will take advantages of such connections to the fullest potentials. If their rich friends ever find themselves in some sort of trouble, the narcissist will be the first one in the circle to make a run for it.

Narcissists are highly toxic, energy-draining, and joy-killing people. If you identify a narcissist, take to your heels. You’ll have made a wise decision.