Here’s Why Introverts Are The Leaders Of The Future

Living in an extroverted world can put pressure on an Introvert. To introverts, the outside world is a highly exhausting, overwhelming and unnecessarily fast-paced. Making a place in the world tends to depend on how extroverted we act, how quickly we make friends, how we handle social interactions, and our livelihood all play a part.

Oftentimes introverts fell like they do not fit in because their quiet reflective nature is overshadowed in a world that thrives on endless self-promotion. Being introverted is usually mistaken for being shy, uncaring, or completely uninterested in the world. But their brains are just wired differently, they get the most energy from being alonewhile extroverts thrive on being around people.

Research has found that 50-74% of the population are extroverts, which means that introverts play an important role in our society. Here are some ways that introverts help the world go round.

1. They have great listening Skills
Introverts tend to care about other people are saying, as long as it an interesting topic and they look at every conversation as a way to learn new things. They want to understand what you are saying, and will ask a lot of questions to get a better grasp on what people are saying. Introverts will also make sure that you are done talking before they respond. They listen more than they talk, but this trait makes them wonderful leaders, the most caring friends and just good people in general.

2. They tend to have a great awareness of their feelings
Introverted people tend to have good intuition, and have a great understanding of their emotions. They are influenced by their emotions and base their decisions off of how they are feeling. So, do not be surprised if they cancel plans because they are too tired or just not in the mood to socialize. It just means that they need time to unwind and are listening to their inner voice.

3. Empathize with others’ emotions
Not only are the in touch with their own feelings, but they are also able to read anyone like an open book. Introverts have the ability to feel what other people are feeling and as a result are able to empathize with them.

4. Introverts do not feel bad for taking some ‘me time’
In a stressed out, a fast-paced world having some ‘me time’ is important for an introvert to have. It gives them a chance to relax their mind, body and spirit. They will not feel sorry for taking the time to focus on them and make sure that their well-being is taken care of.

5. They know themselves on a deep level
Since introverts get their energy from being alone, they have plenty of time to really get to know themselves. Sometimes they might struggle with self-confidence, but by the end of the day, they come to realize the importance of self-loveand strive to look at themselves in a positive light.

6. Deep appreciation for all life
Introverts have a love for all animals for two reasons. The first is that they do not talk, which eliminates the hardest part of having a human relationship. Secondly, they are cuddly and fuzzy which an introvert will see as being a comfort.

7. Introverts do not shy away from the important topics
These people love connecting with people on a deeper level. Which means that you will never be bored when talking to an introvert because they want to know you. While small talk is not their favorite, introverts are able to fake small talk but they will not enjoy it.

8. Think before they speak
Introverts will think about what they want to say before they actually speak. Plus they will listen to every person before begin to formulate a response. Taking longer to gather their thoughts means that they will have the right thing to say in the right order.

9. Introverts have a knack for creativity
They use imagination to bring new discoveries into the world. While extroverts do this too, an introvert will think over everything before diving headfirst into a new endeavor, which results in a better final product.

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