The Health Problems Associated With Excessive Use Of Mobile Phones

Many people in the world are addicted to a mobile phone. It is an inseparable part of their existence, as they would never do without it every day of their lives.

A recent study by a group of French scientists gave insights on the grave dangers associated with excessive use of cell phones. The research revealed a few health challenges that can result from the unrestrained use of phones. The study specifically mentioned that the use of cell phones for more than thirty minutes every day and for five years has a triple effect on human health such as brain cancer.

The scientists further discovered that the use of cell phones is directly proportional to the health problems it could create. According to the study, cell phone users who spend 15 hours talking on their phones every month are two times susceptible to brain problems like glioma and meningioma. These are the most common brain tumor prevalent in the adult population all over the world.

French scholars at the University of Bordeaux and similar institutions carried out the research across the country. The findings of the research were also published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal.

The research focused on different groups, which include two groups of brain tumor patients and a control group. The first group of 263 patients was suffering from glioma. The second group composed of 194 people was patients of meningioma. These were compared to 892 healthy people who formed the control group. It was based on the outcome of the findings that the scientists made their discoveries about the health implications of mobile phones.

The result of the comparison showed that those who use their phones excessively are 2.9 and 2.57 times more likely to suffer from glioma and meningioma respectively when compared to the control group. The result revealed that users in greatest danger are people who use their cell phones for more than 15 hours each month and for a period of two to ten years. (The implication of this is that the phone is used excessively when it is used continuously for 5 years).

Moreover, research further revealed that top executives in offices and businesses who use their phones excessively to ease their official duties are in grave danger of the risks associated with mobile phones.

However, the outcome of the research did not go down well with some critics. The study was criticized for its inability to show the linkage between development of brain problems and the use of cell phones. Reacting to some of the criticisms, a member of the research team, Isabella Baldi said their study is only a part of the trend adding that their discoveries are subject to confirmation.

It should be remembered that in the year 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer had warned of the potential dangers of mobile phones. The body said that the mobile phones’ radio frequency field could cause cancer.

An interphone study carried out in 2010, did not agree that mobile phone use could lead to brain tumor on those that use it frequently. That study is the largest ever conducted on the use of mobile phones.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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