Guys Pulls Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Up As They Enjoy A Mountain Walk

A video has landed online these days, which according to many online users is a real spice to the day.

We can follow a male hiker when he came to the aid of a dog that fell over a wall in the mountains.

The video is already a real success on the web – on the YouTube network alone, it reached more than 800,000 views in a few days, and the scenes impressed many animal lovers.

In the video, we can follow a man who, while walking in the mountains in Spain, set about a quick and effective rescue of a puppy, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed. The Czechoslovak Wolfdog is a breed of dog that began as an experiment conducted in Czechoslovakia back in 1955.

Many online users wrote that the man captured the whole scene perfectly despite the dangerous situation. See how quickly and effectively he rescued a dog when it fell over a wall while walking.