Gentle Gorilla Checks On Injured Bird In Touching Video

A video from the Australian state of New South Wales went viral on the Internet these days when visitors to the ZOO there filmed a touching scene.

An injured bird was found in the place with the gorillas, and one of the gorillas moved the visitors with its tenderness and care for the bird.

The video was taken at the ZOO on November 10th this year, and in it we can follow the touching response of a gorilla when it saw an injured bird in front of it. The bird crashed into a glass barrier during the flight before it stuck helplessly on the ground.

The gorilla first approached the injured bird carefully before gently touching it. It wanted to make sure that everything was fine with the bird.

It even tried to hold the bird in its hand, and the video instantly became an online sensation on the YouTube network – it reached more than 330,000 views in just a few days. See how a gentle gorilla took care of an injured bird at the ZOO in New South Wales.