The Existence of Collective Consciousness Explored in a Radical New Phone App

Many people will be impressed to learn more about the concept of collective connection. After years of research, Princeton University has actually uncovered some important findings. They have made some stunning revelations about the different types of connections between matter and the mind. This could go a long way towards revealing important information about the different types of experiences people may get along the way. Consumers will appreciate the chance to actually learn more about the different types of research projects going underway. This research actually stems from the work conducted by physicist Helmet Schmidt, who pioneered this field during the 1970s. There are a full range of possibilities that have been unlocked by these types of findings as well.

Dean Radin has reported some findings through the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Random Number Generators (RNGs) have produced a strange effect on the ability to conduct different types of mental events over the years. This has actually had a substantial impact on the different types of performances that people may get along the way. The Global Consciousness Project has actually continued this kind of work. Roger Nelson has led research when it comes to setting up RNGs throughout the world. These RNGs have registered some major changes during world events, including reports during the course of 9/11.

Some of these findings are starting to draw in the attention of the general scientific community. Researchers have discovered that there are strong connections between these programs and many different types of mobile connction events. These scientists have started to accumulate a significant amount of evidence when it comes to getting support for major changes along the way. Professionals have appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the impact of major world events. There are a full range of ripples that tend to occur in the network of RNGs that have been established, drawing in some questions.

There are some new technological breakthroughs occurring for the way that these discoveries tend to take root over time. People will be able to link up with these RNG systems for their phones, and for free. Adam Michael Curry is actually conducting some advanced research when it comes to understanding the way that these systems tend to work. Modern technology has allowed researchers to automatically update their data and learn more information about the specific systems available to them over time. This can help researchers visualize their reports and learn more information about what may be available to them going forward.

Source: Collective Evolution

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