How To Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Angels are apparent in most vital religious texts across the globe, including two of the most popular religious books among others, the Bible and the Qur’an. It is my conviction that this exhibits a widespread belief in angels. Each one of us has a personal guardian angel regardless of what individual religious path to which you subscribe.

How amazing is it that all of us have this common ground among so much global diversity? The meaning of the word “angel” is messenger. Angels convey messages from God, or the divine, but regardless of the source from which angels come, they are believed to stem from a divine source. There are many types of angels, but a guardian angel is personally sent to you to guide and protect you through your entire Earthly carnation. Generally, when people begin to connect with their guardian angel, they wish to attain some type of proof that this angel exists.

Similar to other things we can’t see through our eyes, people tend to ponder why, if angels exist, why can I not see them. However, when you begin to connect with an angel or angels, you will start to experience some tangible signals that they are present. Seeing feathers in odd places is the most common sign that an angel has been in your presence. When I first began to see feathers, I simply attributed their existence to perhaps having come from a pillow or that maybe the feathers came from a bird as opposed to an ethereal source. You can almost invariably apply a logical explanation to avoid the belief that you have experienced the ethereal.

Allowing yourself to trust these subtle signs is often a significant obstacle for many people to overcome. When I first began to observe feathers appearing shortly after I experienced an upsetting situation, these feathers started to soothe me and make me feel like things would eventually be fine. When you connect with your guardian angel, know that your sensory awareness isn’t limited to sight. As a matter of fact, when you close your eyes, you are eliminating the distraction of your physical sense of sight. It allows you to focus inward to turn up your your other senses.

With closed eyes, ask the angels to provide you with a sign of their presence. Below are five experiences you may encounter when you are crossing paths with your guardian angel:

1. Angels often surface as an internal feeling, which is not only physical, but it’s also emotional.

A physical sign may include getting goosebumps or feeling a light breeze rush past you. Where emotion is concerned, you may feel a sense of love and support envelop you.

2. Angels prefer to connect with you using sound.

You may hear a buzzing when angels are attempting to connect with you. This is quite common. If you begin to take notice of this when it takes place, you may see a pattern emerging. Does it occur at a particular time of the day when the angels are attempting to make contact with you? Consider why they are trying to contact you. Perhaps if this time of the day causes you anxiety, the angels are trying to remind you to relax. I often experience angels through sound, and they generally contact me when I am not expecting them.

3. Fragrance is another sign that the angels are close to you.

If you smell an unanticipated beautiful fragrance, and you can’t determine its source, perhaps an angel has come into contact with you to remind you of their presence with a fragrant and beautiful scent.

4. An unexpected sweet taste in your mouth can be another indication of an ethereal presence.

During meditation, the sweet nectar taste is an amazing sign that your energetic vibration is in a heightened state. The higher your vibration, the easier it is to make contact with angels.

5. The easiest way to see angels is with your inner eye.

Many people grapple with seeing angels with their physical eyes, and find it simpler to view angels with their inner eye, which is commonly referred to as the third eye chakra. This vision is what you see in your mind’s eye. The key element to viewing angels using your inner eye is to relax and let them come. Don’t try to see them too hard. Just be open to what comes to you.

With regular meditation, it will be easier for you to come into contact with angels. If you are a novice to meditation, it might be easier for you to follow a guided meditation or join a group meditation class to assist you in the development of patience and confidence to perform meditations in solitude.


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