Butterflies, Explained- Understanding Your Gut

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but researchers have found that this old adage might not just be about the power of good food. Researchers found that the stomach is made up of the same basic tissue structure as the brain; they’re just connected to different parts of the nervous system. Your gut is connected to your enteric nervous system which is in charge of how you perceive threats in the environment and then directly relates the information to your brain; even though you aren’t physically aware of it happening.

Moreover, Scientists have also found that you really are what you eat! In has been concluded by these same researchers that our stomachs are also partially responsible for our overall well-being and our growth and development. Keeping your stomach happy can keep you happy, literally; What you are eating directly affects your mental and emotional state.

So how can we keep our stomachs happy? Probiotics are a great start. “By changing the environment in the gut, we can change what happens in the brain,” says researcher Kirsten Tillish, “time and time again we hear about patients who never felt depressed or anxious until they started experiencing problems with their gut. Our studies show that the gut-brain connection is a two- way street.”

This accentuates the importance of keeping your diet healthy- you really are what you put in. It’s important to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet and also to increase things with natural probiotics that are necessarily yogurt based; since milk and dairy have been proven less healthy than other, more beneficial options. There are great supplements at your local grocery store that sell all kinds of great probiotics that are in capsule, jell, or powder form that are easily absorbed by the body. Fiber is also very important; and vegetables like spinach and cabbage and fleshy fruits like melon and apple are great for digestive health. Flax is also very beneficial for digestive health and heart health. There are a plethora of easy options for recipes available on the internet; just search for healthy recipes with these particular ingredients as the focal point!

Aside from just food, what else can you do to keep your stomach happy? Make sure you eat regular meals, at regular times to ensure regularity. And don’t skip breakfast! Not only is it the best meal of the day anyways, it’s also important to start the day off right. Eat some fruit, make a smoothie, eat bran or granola; something to get your body started. Also, make sure you’re drinking a ton of water. Keeping yourself hydrated means that your body doesn’t have to take water away from your bowels to give to your other organs a drink. Studies suggest that drinking 500 ml of warm water with lemon and honey also kick starts your day; avoid acidic drinks like coffee and soda. Also keep time for doing things you enjoy doing to reduce stress. Reducing stress and exercising will make your whole body feel better; keeping your gut happier.

Source: Collective Evolution

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