These Animals Stories Will Make You Think Twice About The Way You Express Your Love

Either on the Internet or in real life, animals receive a lot of love from people. They receive also some love from each other. They express it in their own way. Sometimes, they have strong ways of expressing their emotions better than we do. Here are some amazing stories of love between animals themselves or with humans.




This Gandalf the owl was unable to hatch an egg even she tried a lot and she ended up in raising this baby bird as if she is her own.

This amazing and tender mother is named Lisha she looks after 30 animals. For example, she is rising a baby hippos, potbelly pigs, porcupines and even baby tigers.

This grey African parrot is named Alex and he had  a big love story with his owner. When he wanted to die in 2007, he spoke with her and said : “You be good. I love you.”.

In a diving contest, Yang Yun’s legs were paralized because of the arctic temperatures of water and therefore she thought it is the end of her life, but suddenly Mila the beluga was able to get her to the surface and gave her a new life opportunity.

Damien  raised a gorilla and named her Kiwi. When he grew up, he decided to let him go back to wild as it is the best solution for him so that he can meet new friends and family. After five years, Damien wanted to see his old friend and by juts whistling where he left him, Kiwi was immediately there.  Damien expressed his feelings :”He looked into my eyes with such intensity and such love. It was an incredible experience,”

She was lost for five years and when she came back again she took her old sleeping place under her owner’s sleeping place.

When Lawrence Anthony passed away he had a special funeral from these elephants. Because of their violence, they were sent to death but Anthony made the authorities cancel the decision. They marched for 2 hours to give attribute to the man who saved their lives.

This gorilla is looking after these two orphan lion cubs at the Myrtle Beach Safari Park in South Carolina.

Jenny and Shirley are two besties that were chained in the same abusive circus. Shirley was just a baby at that time. They were released and separated, but when they met again at the same animal sanctuary, they had just hugged each other as if they have never separated.

When Tommy’s owner passed away, he decided to be in church with him and since then he visits the church every Sunday. He attends the praying without barking or making a disruptive behavior. He does so to keep good memories of his owner.

These chimps expressed their sorrow and their consolation to each by hugging as they lost on of the most beloved chimp in the group and she was named Cindy died. They were so said as one of their member was passing away.

These two animals are real competitors for food in the wild, but they are the best friends in the pools of Pet Porpoise Marine Park in Australia.

Suryia was so sad when he lost his parents and did not want to eat at all. However, when he met Roscoe the dog, he changed his life style. Suryia started eating and feeding the dog. Now, they are the best friends ever.

Source: Viralnova

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