The world masks a lot of uncertainty. Today you are healthy, and tomorrow you are lying in a hospital bed fighting for your life.

This unfortunate life happening befell on a 20-year-old army veteran, Tristin Laue who had been battling liver cancer for two years.

On the 27th of April, Tristin went with the angels just five hours after tying the knot with his girlfriend. Tristin began his career journey at a promising age after completing high school in July 2016. But fate wouldn’t have it this way as his health started deteriorating while he was on duty.

The army had to discharge him from his obligation on medical grounds in April 2018. He was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer.

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Time was running for Tristin, and his health continued to worsen by the day. All through his girlfriend Tianna Hargrafen, the love of his life stood by him. He found no other fulfilling way to live his final moments apart from marrying his love.

Tristin took a bold move and proposed to Tianna on Easter. Their families had been supportive all through and even went ahead to push for a wedding. In just two days, Tristin and Tianna were going to be legally married but under the fruits of love.

The wedding was set in Tristin’s home backyard in Waverly where family and friends gathered to celebrate their young and undying love. While speaking to KWWL, Tianna emotionally talked about the love they shared with Tristin. She went ahead to narrate how her mother encouraged her through the journey and supported their young love.

“Make sure you tell people you love them because you never know when you won’t be able to,” Tianna told KWWL.

Her mother saw how Tristin and Tianna held each other dearly. To her, the couple shared something special and rare that most who spend more time together cannot comprehend.

Coincidentally, Tristin and Tianna share a birthday that falls on May 11. Tristin’s father shared what he felt and quoted that his son will be missed dearly. He talked about how love shouldn’t be taken for granted for we never know what tomorrow holds.

Tristin’s memorial was held at Crosspoint Church in Waverly on Saturday. His former classmates from high school came together to honor him with a memorial bench and engraved the hero’s name on it. Tristin fought a good fight and he will be remembered by family, wife and friends.

May his soul rest in peace.

You can watch the emotional wedding ceremony in the video below:

Does Tianna’s and Tristin’s story touch your soul? Would you like this young love and hero to gain the recognition they deserve? Spread their story and let this couple’s story inspire millions out there.


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