How To Align Yourself With The Law Of Prosperity

Prosperity is just one of a multiple level of metaphysical laws in the Universe. All of these laws are subject to our own personal vibrations, which are formed from the energy field we emit through our own thoughts and personal beliefs. Each one of us has a vibration that acts as a magnet. Prosperity is one of the higher laws and it can only be gained through spiritual practice.

Don’t ever make the mistake of associating prosperity with money. When money is scarce it is easy to think that all that is needed is more money. Money cannot nourish us. It is simply a measure of financial prosperity. Financial wealth is a symbol of our material world, but it does not bring prosperity to our spiritual world.

The material world we live in can evoke a constant desire for things we don’t have and most people go through life wanting more, even if they have already acquired more than enough for their needs. An ego-mind will only ever see what is lacking and only ever wants what it thinks it is missing.

This does not mean that the Universe wants us to live in poverty and never to ask for anything. The problem is that it is far too easy for us to fool ourselves into thinking that what we want is actually what we need.

Each time you desire something to fill a gap in your life, you become more closely aligned with the law of scarcity. If you feel an emptiness that you want to fill, then getting the things you want to acquire will make that emptiness inside you to grow ever bigger. The only thing that can fill that emptiness inside is personal fulfilment.

It is important to understand that prosperity is all about becoming fulfilled, so youcanknow whatyou truly want.

  • Steps to Prosperity

Affirmations alone are not enough to overcome scarcity and will not raise you to the level of prosperity. A metaphysical law will never come down to your level. You need to raise your own vibration level in order to become aligned with the law of prosperity.

The first step towards prosperity requires you to make a few adjustments to your personal vibration. You will only align yourself with the law of prosperity by wanting to make change to the way you feel and how you think.

The next step in aligning yourself to prosperity involves some fine-tuning of your personal vibrations. . It is only possible to command prosperity when you have aligned your own vibration to the reach that higher level.

You will vibrate at a higher level when you stay positive, feel energized and can truly appreciate the abundance that flows around you and through you.

Make it a conscious choice to focus on the abundance you already have in your life. Right now you have many things in abundance. You have so much knowledge, you have love and kindness, food and water, air to breathe, and nature that is all around you. You have enough of these things to last you to the end of your life.

  • Prosperity Achieved

You will know true prosperity when you are aware of how much love there is inside you. You will continue tolove who you are, love all your friends and your family and anyone else who loves you. The more love you have for those people, for nature, the earth and the Universe, the more you will prosper. You will know that you are at the center of abundance in the Universe and that prosperity has entered your life.

Your vibration will be aligned with the law of prosperity through full awareness of all that you have, and particularly in the unlimited amount of love you can give. When you reach that spiritual awareness, you will also be aware of how much the Universe gives back in return.

Source: Wakeup-World

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