For waitress and mother of four Jessica, that person is her husband, Robert, who was seriously ill with cancer. But because of her finances and the long drive to the hospital where Robert was being treated, Jessica wasn’t able to be with him as much as she wanted.

But then someone stepped forward and did something that changed Jessica’s life forever.

Jessica and Robert were high school sweethearts. They fell in love and had four small children together.

But shortly after their fourth child was born, everything changed.

Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which eventually spread to his stomach and lungs.

Robert became so sick that he had to be moved to a hospital more than 400 miles from home

Jessica waitresses at a local restaurant but was determined to be at her husband’s side.

She would get in the car at 4:30 a.m. and drive 400 miles to the hospital. But when it came to call it a night, she couldn’t afford a hotel and had to sleep in the car

What Jessica didn’t know was that she had a guardian angel at her side—a woman named Kimberly, who had been her second grade teacher and later became like a second mother to her.