8 Ways To Improve Your Personal Acceptance

People look through popular fashion and beauty magazines and strive to look like the models in the pictures. They spend countless hours with beauty treatments or they go to the gym several times a week working out to get that perfect body and beautiful sculpture abs. The fact is that most of those pictures in the magazines are an ideal state that many people will never reach. Furthermore, most of the pictures are airbrushed to perfection. They want the perfect career, the perfect relationships, and to reach important goals. Obviously it seems like people are trying to airbrush their lives instead of practicing self-love and gratitude in good consciousness.

The fact is that people should start spending more time looking beneath their skin or within themselves. It is all about personal acceptance of themselves as they are. Once they truly start to love and appreciate themselves, they have much to give to the world. The fact is that most people feel that they lack something. This attitude is holding them back and stopping them from growing and achieving all that they could be in life. Here are a few ways to increase self love and personal acceptance.

1- Better Personal Care

Just say no to those extra donuts or fast food treats. Start eating nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and exercise on a daily basis. One suggestion is to practice yoga to open up the mind to new possibilities and to relax the body.

2- Self Healing

EFT is an alternative self healing technique that is used by more people than you might think. A person taps along certain parts of the body to release built up anxieties and negative emotions while repeating a mantra. This has a powerful effect on the body and mind. The methods are thought to restore a relaxed state to the body.

3- Connect with the Inner Self

Most people base their identity on their outer achievements. For example, their career, their relationships, or even the car that they drive. All those outer achievements are fleeting. Instead, look inward for a deeper understanding of who you really are. This might be achieved through spending time alone in meditation or simply writing down private thoughts.

4- Get Rid of Negative Voice

Often, we are our own worst critics. Instead, give yourself positive feedback. Be your own best friend. Pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments. Learn to be encouraging.

5- Honor Yourself

Stop trying to be something that you are not or fitting into a mold. Instead, honor the unique person that you are every minute of the day. Try it. It is a very empowering feeling of acceptance.

6- Don’t Be Afraid to Feel Emotions

Don’t try to bottle up all your emotions inside of you. Instead, feel the emotion. Try to understand the feelings, person, or circumstance, that triggered that emotion.

7- Positive Feelings

Practice positive feelings. Give gratitude for the person that you truly have become. Remember, that you are more than just a body. You are mind, spirit, and more!

8- Embrace Humanity

Don’t think for one second that others do not share those vulnerable feelings and emotions. Everyone is striving to be that perfect person that they imagine society thinks that they should be. Remember, everyone feels vulnerable and less than perfect at some point in their life. You are not alone.

Embrace humanity and practice a bit of self-love along with gratitude. Accept yourself for the unique individual that you truly are in good consciousness.


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