The 8 Steps To Receive Positive Energy Now

Everyone has bad days, when illness, depression, anxiety and a whole host of other influences can just seem overwhelming. Once in a while isn’t too much of a big deal, when circumstances outside of our control just get the better of us – but what if this is how you are feeling most of the time? Such negative energy, and energy is what makes up -us and every part of our existence – can be like a snowball rolling down a hill, accumulating more bulk and power as it descends. What if we had the power to stop that snowball, pick it up and fling it back to the top of the peak? That’s be pretty liberating, taking control of negativity and throwing it away, watching it crack into a powder of little pieces.

Here we’re going to look at eight techniques that will help, and have helped, literally millions of people beforehand, from all types of life to release negative energy by seeking new, positive energy. These steps will help guide anyone towards controlling bad thoughts, and instead push towards a realigned sense of positivity, peace of mind and productivity in all facets of our lives.

1) Wake Up Right!

Ever heard the phrase ‘so-and so must have gotten out of bed on the wrong side of bed today’ postulated by a colleague or friend. Well believe it or not, there is a right side too! Having a positive feel first thing in the morning can be so important in helping to power positively through the day. Simply getting up and saying, thinking – whatever – ‘Today is going to be better, today is going to be the start of good times’ can be so immensely powerful.

2) Take Control Over Thoughts

This runs right on from step one. Doctors, scientists, nutritionists – any expert in personal health – will agree that people will subconsciously feel bad and operate worse when negativity is allowed to take them over. Good energy can stop this, no matter how depressed, tired and put-upon a person might feel. The power to take charge of these thoughts and convert them into positive energy is in all of us, and we could all do it this moment. All we need to do is recognize and keep a look out for those negative thoughts that undermine us, put them in a ‘box’ and lock the key.

3) Become Aware Of Where Negativity Attack Us From

‘Attacks’ is not too severe a word. The negativity that comes at us from external sources is the kindling that helps our inner negativity burn. This may be people, it may be the bus arriving late, it could be a bad news story – recognize it, and remove it. Bad external influences cause all sorts of chaos in our lives, and being able to spot it is the most important stage of being able to end it.

4) You’re Tough

Learning how to prevent negative energy affect our consciousness doesn’t involve everyone suddenly upping sticks and joining a monastery. You are already no different to that person, you were not born with a defect that makes you naturally negative – it’s just that bad influences hurt some folks more than others. You can take charge, be happy and in no time find your former self to be a different person.

5) Chill Out For A Moment

Is it all getting too much? Does today just somehow seem to be getting you down? Stop everything you’re doing, take a moment or two and ask what is causing this negativity, and why. Ask how much that influence is bothering you, and consider if letting the negative energy make you feel like that is a good thing. There’s one answer – it is never a good thing. Deep breaths, refresh, refocus and carry on.

6) Heal Your Soul

In many ways this is what we’re striving for, and the only way to become healed and, in all frankness, ‘better’ is the three R’s:

* Remove

* Refresh

* Revitalize

Now tell me that doesn’t sound better than:

* Revisit the source and cause of the negativity, time after flawed time again.

* Re-fret at the negativity and continue to let it hammer us down.

* Return to the cycle that we so desperately want to be rid of.

7) Karma

Everybody can let karma into their lives, and it most certainly doesn’t need to be in any religious context. What karma teaches us is that by allowing negativity to cause us to react in turn in a negative way, we lose. Likewise if we want to remove negative energy and thoughts from ourselves, we must project positivity outwards. Here’s a slightly off the wall example:

Remember that movie with Kevin Spacey, ‘American Beauty’, where his real estate careerist wife is having a breakdown and starts repeating the mantra ‘to receive success, you must project the image of success’?. What she’s trying to do is gain the benefits of outward projection, yet massively failing because her root motivations for doing so are negative (careerist, self-righteous, deceptive etc.). That’s why she’s in tears in front of the mirror!

8) Write A Letter

Explain to yourself why you want things to improve, what is making you unhappy and what might happen if action isn’t taken. Ask yourself if rather than this letter you’d like to start being happier right now, and enjoy a life filled with positivity. You can reply if you like, but what we want to do now is make that the assentation to the universe of what our energy is now going to be. Don’t worry, the universe won’t mind one bit at all! Keep the letter(s) if you wish, it’s up to you. From now on everything is up to you.

By learning to understand and control the role of energy within ourselves, and how if makes us feel, think, act, literally everything, we can take charge. Take time to be good to yourself and shift your energy towards being a source and transponder of positivity today, and reap the inestimable rewards that will follow.


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