7 Techniques to Be More Social If You Are An Introvert

In today’s world that is laden with technology, the completely uninhibited, pure, face-to-face human connections are what mean the most in life. The bonds that we create over smiles and laughter are special and unique, besides the ones which are shared through tears and during moments of troubles and communities coming together to overcome sorrows.
If you are, however, more of an introvert and not an extrovert, human connections and communication are more difficult to obtain. Listening to someone talk instead of rattling off answers comes easier to you. It would take some great courage for you to enter an unfamiliar social setting, especially in a place where you do not know anyone.
No matter the severity of your introverted personality, or if you are dealing with social anxiety in particular situations, below you’ll find some of the simplest tips for introverts, given by introverts.
1. Take Action
It’s not easy, but force yourself to get out there. Talk with business people or join an organization. Speaking with people over social media first can help you make the transition to real life interactions much easier.
Push yourself to step outside of your comfort zones, and use social media to initiate face-to-face meetings which can give you a level of familiarity and comfort meeting new people.
When we look situations that are uncomfortable or difficult as adventures or challenges, we can cope with our anxiety and stress better.
Push yourself and be creative to go past your boundaries. Look at each new social setting and interaction as an opportunity, adventure and unique challenge for you to meet wonderful, new people. You never know who you’ll meet and what good can come out of that meeting.
2. Get Comfortable and Relax
Before any upcoming social events, go to the venue where it will be held to familiarize yourself with the layout of the place. Getting lost going somewhere new is frustrating, and you might also want to know ahead of time where you can park, especially on a city street.
Before you go, view something on TV that is funny to loosen your mood up.
When you are smiling and happy, your state of fun-loving will carry over to the event and help you to project someone who has positive energy and is attractive, making it inviting for new people to approach you.
3. Simplistic Goals
Concentrate on goals which are simple, such as meeting one new person each day, or even just one person in a new social setting. This will help build your confidence and give your forward momentum, giving you the sense of growth in improving social skills.
4. Have Your Outgoing Friends Help You
Think about who your most outgoing friends are. Tagging along with them to events you might not feel comfortable going to by yourself will really help you to meet new people through these naturally extroverted friends.
Don’t feel bad, however, if your friend attracts everyone in the room and makes you feel like you have taken second place or like a wallflower. Keep smiling and confident. Your friend will happily agree to help you when you directly ask them to.
5. Embrace Your Nervousness
Being nervous just proves you are alive. Socializing, just like any other skill, takes practice and time. You will get better and better, in spite of your nervousness – just be patient. When you stretch your boundaries you will grow one step at a time and eventually be fairly good at witty conversation and the typical small talk when you meet new people.
6. Direct the Focus on Them
In any kind of situation that is uncomfortable for you, just take the focus and put it on the other person by asking questions and becoming interested in what they are saying, listening deeply.
When you are making the interaction with another person about them instead of you, you take the attention away from you, and then you won’t feel like you are failing to put on a display.
This will also make you more comfortable to open up and get acquainted with this group of people you are hanging out with.
7. Don’t Use the Introvert Label
When did you decide you were an introvert, anyway? Everyone has complex personalities, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to reduce them to such black and white labels as extrovert or introvert. This puts an idea into our heads about our talents, personal skills, abilities and what we think are our limitations.
Each of us is truly unique, with our own unique experiences in life, which should help remind us that we are each one in a million.
Really, as humans we are all in the same boat, so drop the harmful labels and realize that everyone wants to experience special and unique connections with other human beings.

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