7 Steps To Start Over And Build The Life You Ever Want

During some part of our lives, we all experience deep discontent for some portion of our lives. During these periods, we wonder how we’ll break out of this cycle and see the finer aspects in life again. Let’s be honest and accept that Earth is a harsh teacher, and sometimes, situations don’t progress in the way we anticipated.

As a matter of fact, circumstances sometimes are the total opposite of what you initially thought they would be and when a chain of undesirable events unfolds, we feel like we’re never going to catch a break. However, even if you’re feeling ambushed by life’s circumstances and are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, don’t fret.
Our universe invariably strives to lead you in the best direction, enabling you to turn the tide and swim ashore by following the tips below:

1. Decide what’s causing you the most discontent in your life.

To progress, it’s important to stop and ponder what’s causing you to regress. It’s vital to determine what’s deflating you so you can achieve happiness again. Create a list that notes the matters or people that cause you to feel depressed or drained. You then must decide if you’d rather completely remove these elements and people from your life, or if you should simply place them on the back burner as you concentrate on rising from the ashes of defeat.

In addition, consider that your own state of mind might be the culprit, so listen to your intuition and to best determine what these parts of yourself are indicating to you. If your most predominant thoughts seem to be negative, attempt to transform these defeating thoughts into positive ones by observing the advantages of each situation that’s bringing you down. It’s often true that the most difficult lessons are your greatest teachers, and we can either chalk them up to a learning experience or we can stew in the unfairness and the pain of the situation.

2. Start performing small tasks daily to cultivate a happier life.

Often times, it’s not hard to get stuck in the trivial details of a situation without pondering the big picture over the long-haul. When we think about situations in this manner, we’re obstructing ourselves from seeing that we can begin cultivating a better life by altering improved habits or rituals a little bit at a time.

Each day when you wake, perform an act that boosts your mood, whether it’s meditating for 5-10 minutes, performing your favorite workout, or by simply spending time outside smelling your garden’s flowers. You’ll soon begin to see positive changes that, though small, will usher a big shift in your life, allowing you to climb out of the cave you’ve been stuck moping around in so you can shine brightly like the twinkling star you know you are!

3. Lean on supportive friends and relatives for assistance.

It can seem that at the lowest of times that the gravity of our problems is too much to bear alone. Being that we all have low points, it’s not a crime to reach out to those who care about and love you for a much needed shoulder to cry on if you need one or a helping hand. Those who value and love you want you to thrive and won’t judge you for it. Always remember that we are all part of one human family so all people are obligated to aid their loved ones when it’s most needed.

4. Remove stressful situations from your life.

Begin to check off your of stressful situations and people and one by one, begin to remove the stresses that cause the most anxiety in your life. Even if you start small, such as by hanging up your keys so you can more easily find them next time you need them, as opposed to immediately tossing your keys down in a place where you might lose them. Even something this small can prevent a potentially stressful situation at a later time, such as, of course, when you lose your keys!

To cultivate improved habits and live a life that’s less filled with stress, it’s important to observe the unfavorable habits you’ve developed over the years. Perhaps it’s not your habits that you wish to examine, but people or situations that tend to create tension and distress in your life. Be sure to focus on what causes your anxiety to rise and aim to either remove these things from your life or modify them so they are more manageable to lead a more tranquil existence.

5. Repeat, “I own my life!” as your daily affirmation.

When approaching life undaunted with a confident attitude, you render yourself unstoppable! When you’re persistent, you can overcome any obstacle that life tosses in your way in an undaunted manner that lifts some of life’s heavy burdens from your shoulders. Life can only defeat you if you allow it to, so don’t let tough situations beat you down. You own your life and can transmute into a diamond in the rough if you choose to, so be sure to change your attitude and affirm these changes with the quote listed above to move towards living the life that you desire to live!

6. Boldly pursue your passions.

Don’t let life stand in the way of pursuing your passions and desires with great fervor. Be sure to work towards your goals and desires each day, and you’ll begin to watch the reality of those dreams unfold before you. Dreams don’t come true unless you work on achieving them, so instead of arriving home after work to spend time on the couch watching television, work on pursuing some of your true passions. Embark upon a step-by-step journey toward what ignites your soul’s fire every day.

Never stop striving for and working towards your heart’s desire. Nobody can tell you how you should lead your life except you, and your actions determine your reality. Align your actions with the things you desire to see more of in your life, because this will establish you in a world of universal abundance and true happiness.

7. Enter a “flow” state to keep your mind from speculating on past misfortunes.

Often those who feel as if they’ve reached rock bottom just won’t let themselves switch off their problems. These very same people will obsess over all the negative aspects of their lives when it would be far more beneficial to quiet their obsessive thoughts for a time and enjoy living! Just because you’ve run into a roadblock doesn’t mean that you are unable to take an alternate route to a more desirable and beautiful path. Similarly, just because life has made you feel burdened doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the things you love and temporarily detach from a stressful situation.

Participate in Yoga, exercise and cooking your favorite meals or perform any other activity that keeps you active to avoid falling into the reaction trap. You’ll be too busy to react to your thoughts if you change the activity towards which you’re energy is directed, as opposed to reacting!

By: Amy Russell


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