7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

Guardian angels exist on a much higher spiritual plane than us and find it hard to manifest physically in our world. Instead they use signs and signals to communicate with us and let us know they are with us. Here are seven signs your guardian angel is near:

1. Temperature Change
Sometimes the experiencer will feel a sudden chill go through them, but usually they will feel a sudden warmth as if their guardian angel had just given them a big hug. A feeling of well being and comfort will pervade them and those around them. A healing energy is sometimes present and often animals will become excited as if an old friend had entered the room.

2. The Sudden Appearance Of A White Feather
A well known sign of an angel, presumably because of angel’s wings. It is subtle enough that anyone not familiar with guardian angels would not consider it remarkable, but if you know your angels then you can interpret it as a message of hope in a chaotic world. The delicacy of the feather is a reflection of the delicacy of the message, a message of love and support. It is a delight to find such feathers and now we know why.

3. A Sweet Fragrance
The sweet delicate perfume of the angels is one that is indescribable but lovely. The smell may make you think of a loved one, now passed on, or may be associated with food or candy. Either way the profound love that the smell evokes is the real reason for the communication.

4. Different Coloured Lights or Orbs
Seeing angels as people is not very common,but seeing their light is much more common. Often there will be a blinding white light for an instant then nothing again or a vague impression of color lights, opaque and shifting as if it were gaseous clouds. Often light orbs can be seen drifting randomly around, sometimes with different colors and often sparkling with light. They are signs that an angel is with you.

5. Angelic Voices or Choirs
Angels do not have lungs and therefore do not need to take a breath to sing, neither do they stop, with their voices being rather like a constant vibration powering through your mind. A voice may come to you distinctly but quickly, for example in a time of need uttering a quick phrase to reassure you or guide you to a course of action and is then gone.

6. Interesting Dreams
Guardian angels can appear in your dreams, but not usually as specific entities but in the general spirit of the dream, guiding the dreamer to resolutions and insights that may emerge later as intuitions. Vivid, memorable dreams with an uplifting supportive tone are the dreams that are influenced by your guardian angel and a sign that an angel is with you.

7. Feeling A Presence
In a way this is the most nebulous way to detect the presence of your guardian angel but, involving as it does the psychic mind it is often the most incisive communication of all. Usually they are nudging you in a certain direction, towards a book or a film or a teacher. These can be life changing moments.


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