7 promises you should make – and KEEP – to yourself

We all know how important is to be a man or woman of our word and keep the promises we make to others. But how often do we neglect the promises we make to ourselves? Do we even take the time to really think about our own needs and make promises to ourselves? We certainly should. And just as important as it is to keep those promises we have made to other people, it is even more important that we honor the promises we make to ourselves. If we don’t nurture and care for ourselves, who will? And how helpful are we going to be to others if we have not seen to our own needs first? Here are 7 promises you need to make to yourself right now, and KEEP THEM! Before you know it you WILL notice an improvement in your self-esteem and attitude, even though you never realized before that maybe they weren’t everything they could be!
Make these promises to yourself and start keeping them immediately:

1. I will listen to my body and mind when I am feeling stressed: 

Our bodies communicate with us via emotions and feelings, and we simply MUST start paying attention to their “messages”. Acknowledge that you need a bit of a break and realize it is ok to say no to something you don’t want to do (an outing with friends, babysitting, etc). You come first.

2. I will smile every single day, at least twice:

There are very few situations in which you would be justified in not smiling at least twice a day. People say, “But what if a death in the family occurs? How am I supposed to smile then?” Quite simple, actually. Remember the good times you had with that person, the times you laughed or smiled together. Chances are that person would not want you sitting around shedding tears and being miserable over their passing. They’d much prefer to be sent into the hereafter with smiles and laughter at the happy times their friends and family shared with them.

3. I will live a life of positive expansion:

Learning is a lifelong process, so consider returning to school for a degree or just to get some new knowledge under your belt. About every three months go to the library and check out a book that is different than the ones you usually read, and read it cover to cover. You may just be surprised at how many new things you find that you like. Try new foods, make new friends at every opportunity. Live a fulfilling and well-rounded life.

4. I will leave the past behind, but not the lessons it has taught me:

Wow, this is a toughie, and yet it’s one of the most important, if not THE most important you need to make to yourself. Leaving the past – and some people – behind can seem impossible, until you realize that the old saying about old things falling apart is usually an indication that new, good things are coming together is pretty much true. Remembering the lessons you have walked away from each situation with will always make you wiser and less susceptible to it happening again.

5. I will always live the life I want to live:

At the end of the road, you will be the only one to have lived your life. Don’t end up having tons of regrets when it’s too late. Live in the moment, live for the day, and live for YOU, your way. No one else has to like it or approve. It’s all about YOU, baby!

6. I will remember that relationships are seasonal: 

Never, NEVER let yourself believe that just because you are devastated by the end of one relationship that another, infinitely better one isn’t headed right for you when the time is right. Let that old relationship go; let it stay in it’s season, where it belongs.

7. I will accept and act when changes are needed in my life:

Another hard one, but it brings growth like nothing else. To live we must evolve, so by making changes when our lives let us know it is needed, we are moving forward, not walking away from what we know.


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