5 Lies That Prevent You from Living in Joy

It is natural for each individual to enjoy their lives filled with positive energy. Unfortunately, most people cannot reach this goal due to the familial as well as societal norms imposed upon them while growing up. The social environment in which people grow in lead some into believing falsehoods that in turn stop individuals from living in happiness while simultaneously creating mental problems.

The following are five common myths that many individuals abide by and are cast astray with.

1. Money will create a joyful life for me.

In the world’s economic environment, the common theme is that people have to work and earn income in order to live and achieve the basic necessities such as food and housing. Regardless, society today is oriented towards a more materialistic way of life and often assuming that money is the key to happiness. What results is a vicious cycle in which people strive to make as much money as possible while ignoring the true meaning of happiness such as spending time with family; pursuing non-material interests; and connecting with the world. Those who pursue money with no limits often end up disappointed and unfulfilled.

2. Appearing busy exudes importance.

People are under the false assumption that being busy reflects one’s importance and hence, high status in life. Social norms have defined and moulded the assumption that if one take’s personal time off to pursue some other of life’s pleasures, he or she is branded as lazy as well as insignificant. Due to this assumption as well as the fear of being labelled as lazy or unimportant, people mindlessly pursue activities to remain busy and appear important. This cycle leaves people feeling overworked and stressed out.

3. Enjoying Some Play Time is Meaningless.

In our youth, most of us enjoyed playing and having fun to fill our days. As young people, we were energetic, enthusiastic, and cheerful. However, when we were no longer allowed to play, our emotions changed from that of joy to depression. Overtime, unfortunately, social norms have moulded us into thinking that having fun is wrong and a huge waste of time as well as energy. Instead, people were led to believethat they should remain formal and only invest in activities that do not interest them.Now, most people only invest in pursuits that do not interest them, often spending time in forced work situations. People in these situations end up with deep internal resentment.

4. Competition Defines Life.

Society today is extremely competitive because all of our priorities are geared towards winning versus being the loser. We want win primarily for personal gain and pleasure. However, the negative impact of competition results in human conflict, misery, and suffering on a global scale. Animosity and hostility prevents a peaceful society where people lose faith and trust in one another. Positive relationships cannot be generated in this scenario. Human beings, by nature, are social animals who require deep and meaningful relationships. We need to be at peace with others in order for this goal to be fulfilled.

5. My Life is the Result of Destiny.

Another common myth that prevents people from having happy and fulfilling lives is the belief that their destinies define their existence. The perpetual belief is that we cannot escape our destiny regardless of what we do or achieve. People end up feeling that rather than working hard to improve their lot in life, they instead end up giving up any means to better themselves. This myth is destructive and results in deep emotional turmoil and self-regret.

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