4 Tips To Increase Age Longevity From A Shaolin Monk

A Shaolin monk, who was known to be a scholar and a master of the martial arts, has described the path we need to follow if we want to live for longer with a healthy body and mind. The wisdom of this Shaolin monk is a reminderof how important it is to retain control and balance within the inner self if good physical health is to lead to age longevity.

His words have been translated so that more people can benefit fromthese tips for age longevity. Anyone who intends to live longer in a healthy body and mind should considertheadvice given bythis respected Shaolin monk.

Take control of your eating, your anxiety and your happiness

Stop eating before you feel full, and only eat a little when feeling hungry. Your spleen can be damaged by eating too much.

Stop worrying and stay calm, because your intestines and liver can become damaged by too much anxiety and anger.

Your happiness also needs to be controlled. It is important tostay in control when you are feeling happy. Loss of control might do you some harm if too much lung energy is used in those happy moments.

Slow down and take more breaks

Don’t be in too much of a rush. You will get things done faster by slowing down and taking your time instead of always being in a hurry.

By taking a ten minute break from work every hour, you will protect your eyes and your internal organs. Looking at the same thing for more than 40 minutes is bad for the eyes and bad for you inner peace.

Think less and talk less

It is better not to think too much, because thinking uses energy and this can have the effect of making you look older.

It is better to talk less and to do more. People who talk more generally do less and those who do more talk less.

Balance the Yin and the Yang

Too much physical exercise, without meditation or soft training, will leave you without the Yin you need for balance.

Some physical exercise is required to balance the Yin and the Yang. Too little exercise or none at all will leave you without Yang energy, because exercise is necessary to keep the balance right.

Shaolin Kung Fu (also known as Gung Fu) is an ancient martial art that gives you training for everything needed to balance your Yin and Yang, including meditation and exercise.

You can also balance your Yin and Yang by practicing Qigong. This Shaolin practice combines physical exercise with breath control and meditation.

The amount of time you spend on Shaolin Kung Fu or Qigong is up to you. When you are in tune with your body you will know how many hours are necessary to restore your inner peace and balance.

These tips for increasing age longevity from a Shaolin monk reveal that there is no reason not to maintain a healthy body and mind into old age. You just need to take control and find the right balance.


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