13-Year-Old Working Boy Trades His Xbox and Mows Lawns To Buy A Car For His single mother

What did you do when you were 13? I know that he had a kind of “work” around the house, but at that age, he was not a very motivated child. I liked having a little money and I was spending every penny on comics, so I had fun. Sure, I grew up to be a hardworking person, but he’s just a rare teenager who is as motivated as the child we’re talking about in this article. The whole concept is working hard to do something as big as buying a car for my mother was a distant thing from my mind. A 13-year-old boy named William knows a thing or two about making a few dollars.

However, unlike me, William didn’t start working to buy comics. No, William was extremely single-minded and had one big goal: to buy Mom a car. William went to work and put everything he had into it, and it wasn’t even for him. William showed what can be done when love and motivation force us to work hard on something. Since he’s only 13 years old, William certainly can’t get a paid job, so he did what countless teenagers did before him. He began to mow the grass. But he didn’t stop there. William also enjoys doing yard cleaning and other things the owner has to do.

It is not easy to find someone to hire you as a teenager. The thing is, I pay people to mow the lawn for us, and I know it’s hard to find someone who is trustworthy and does a good job. When it came to hiring young people, unfortunately, I came across them too often to be fragmented and unreliable. William has a different personality. He is dedicated to his work and has clearly been taught to be hard working. He took whatever job he could get to earn the money he needed. He worked so hard that her mother just got used to it and didn’t understand what was working towards this ultimate goal.

At one point, William was fortunate enough to find a “top client” and cut a deal with her. He found a lady who was looking to sell a car and to keep her from selling it elsewhere, he put a down payment up: his Xbox. This is where this kid won my heart because I can’t imagine my son being willing to trade in his Xbox. I’m sure if he needed to, he would, but it wouldn’t be his first idea. But William is an entrepreneur in the making. This kid is going places.

Watch this video below and you can hear what happened when William surprised his mom with a car.