12 Ways To Counter Toxic People’s Effects On Your Life

Times are Tough all over

The world is facing crisis after crisis,wars and natural disasters are a normal occurrence these days.

This can put stress on the most laid-back person in the world. What you don’t need is the effect of a toxic person ruining what little peace of mind you can eke out of every day.

For some reason, these people take pleasure in making your day more miserable with their grousing and complaining about everything from the high price of bread to some war in a country, you’ve never heard of.

Today you’ll learn 12 ways to deal with a toxic person so they don’t ruin your day.

After reading, you’ll have some strategies for keeping your day on an even keel and free yourself from the smog of despair these people spread around themselves.

1. Set Limits

When a Toxic Person (TP)starts in on their latest tale of woe, listen politely for a bit. Then move away. Suddenly remember you have to go to a meeting or just the restroom.

Do something to remove yourself from their vicinity.

2. Don’t argue with a TP

Argument is futile and only exhausts you. Smile, nod yourhead and move on. You wouldn’t change their opinion, so why bother.

Be polite and focus on issues you need to deal with and let them alone in their world of conspiracy and negativity.

3. Take the high ground

Don’t get pulled done to their level and argue with a TP. It’s a waste of your time and energy.

Repeat a Quote from some great philosopher or sage advice and use that to take a view from a higher plane.

Smile enigmatically and go on to other topics or concerns.

4. Keep a lid on your emotions

You don’t have to be Mr. Spock but don’t let a TP rile you up and get you to lose your cool.

Detach yourself from the situation and think about other things. Imagine your next vacation, walking on a beach, or have a good time.

This bit of imagery can help keep your emotions in check.

5. Place a limit on the types of topics you care to comment on

TP enjoy digging up dirt.You, on the other hand, set the framework of what you will discuss. You can cite your personal philosophy, religion, orother reasons.

Don’t get drawn into a TP’s line of thinking. Build your own little zone around you of calm and peace.

6. Shield yourself from their negativity

Think about the things that make you happy and don’t let a TP cloud your joy in living and happiness.

That is their greatest joy seeing you lose that spark of light that makes life worth living.

You control your feelings of happiness do not let them dictate how you should feel.

7. Toxic people want to complain, you want solutions

A TP wants to waste time rehashing past wrongs and problems. You need to stay focused on solutions and outcome. Remember, “Fix the Problem, not the blame.”

This little motto will serve you in good stead, keep you moving forward, and not get bogged down in a TP’s mire of circular backbiting that doesn’t get anywhere.

8. TP’s words, like sharp knives cut. Don’t be a victim, forgive, but never forget

A TP lets loose with diatribes and negative comments that are often hurtful.

Forgive them.

However, don’t forget what they say or act out, as it is an indicator of how they feel about you personally.

You can gain insight and decide what actions to take later if warranted.

9. Don’t let a TP’s mindset become yours

You might find yourself beginning to start thinking along the line of a TP after their latest rant.

Nip those self-defeating thoughts in the bud.

Replace them with positive self-talk or affirmations that empower you.

You can then smile and get on with your day with peace of mind.

10. Stay away from the coffee clutch

A TP makes the coffee room or the water cooler their private soapbox.

Stay away,besidescaffeine has been shown to sap your resistance to stress and a TP is a major source of it.

You’ll have more energy to get through the day with less caffeine and you wouldn’t come under the mind sapping and energy draining cloud of a TP in your workplace.

11. Don’t take the words of a TP home with you

Leave work at work. Don’t bring a TP’s negativity home to your family.

This disrupts your sleep and sleep is nature’s greatest gift in fighting stress and counters the influence of TP in your life.

So, make sure you get enough rest, as it is the best defense against the effects of a toxic person.

12. Surround yourself with positive and empowering people

Associate with positive people and if you must, drop your TP friends from your social circle.

Life is hard enough today. Don’t carry the burdens of a TP as well.

You can build a positive life around yourself and by excluding the TP from that life, you’ll be happier, have more energy, and vigor to deal with the things you must.

Final Thoughts

Life is short. You can strive to be happy or you can wallow in the morass of a toxic person.

By following these 12 suggestions, you can minimize the impact a TP has on your life and happiness.

If nothing else, you’ll have more energy and peace of mind to deal with your daily life.

That in itself is reason enough to eliminate the TP and their cloud of despair from your life.

By: Tom, “The Seeker”


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