11:11- Are You Seeing It Too?

Have you ever noticed something strange that repeatedly happens on a regular basis? Perhaps this is a song you keep hearing or consistently checking the time to find that it is 11:11. This might not be the coincidence that it originally seems as it could potentially be a hidden message from an angel or spirit.

It is becoming increasingly common for people to repeatedly see the same number in their daily lives in places such as a clock, on road signs, on page numbers they suddenly notice or on the television. This is possibly evidence of a phenomenon taking place that involves a shift in consciousness and makes us more aware of our feelings and thoughts.

Repeatedly seeing the same numbers is an indication that you should focus on positive thinking to turn your desires into reality, according to Doreen a virtue, a renowned psychic medium and angel therapist. Concentrating on desires instead of fears will encourage the angels to reward you.

11:11 is especially significant and it is the intention of the angels that when you see these numbers you will develop a greater sense of self-awareness. It is also reassurance from the angels that there is greater wisdom and guidance during times of difficulty. The more number ones you see in a number when going about your daily business, the stronger the connection is that you have with the angels or spirit guides.

More people than ever are claiming to see such numbers and this may be an indication that an increasing number of people are becoming healers of the planet, also known as Lightworkers. These are humans that are called upon to bring harmony and peace to the Earth as it is a planet in disarray.

At 11:11 on 21st December 2012, the turning of the ages began, according to the Mayan calendar. This marks the beginning of the New Age and this is the phase where a literal shift in consciousness takes place between the Dark Age and the Golden Age.

Another interesting point about the numbers 11:11 is they total four when added together. Four is symbolic as it is the number for the dissolving of the ego and transformation. Although 11:11 may be interpreted in many different ways, some spiritual leaders believe that in order to help healing and the realignment of Earth, ascended masters have returned.

So, if you see the numbers 11:11, what should you do? Basically, the numbers are a sign from the angels that you will always have their support.

Therefore, when you see 11:11, you must try to avoid negativity and focus on making positive changes in your life. A lack of self-control has caused chaos in the world and this is a sign you should become your own master and regain control by using your internal powers.

It is a great privilege to live on Earth during these exciting times, Gradually, small changes will occur and these will eventually lead to significant changes during this time of transformation and grand healing. Although things may sometimes feel difficult, you should continue to place your trust in the angels as they are there for your benefit.

Rather than looking outside for the answers in life, trust the powers of the universe as these will help you to heal. Whenever you notice the numbers 11:11,take it as a sign to adjust your focuses, thoughts, and action to match what it is you expect and desire in your life.


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