11-Year-Old Girl Rescues Baby Shark In Hobart, Australia

These days, the web has been surrounded by a wonderful video in which 11-year-old girl Billie set on rescuing a small shark.

This one found itself in trouble right off the coast, and with her intervention, the brave girl impressed many animal lovers around the world.

11-year-old Billie from the city of Hobart in Australia recently rescued a baby shark when it was trapped in the immediate vicinity of the beach there. Due to the low tide, the animal was trapped between the rocks, and the girl came to the aid of the shark.

Her mother Abby told the media that her daughter has an exceptional bond with animals and has been dealing with them since her dewy youth. The girl is also a volunteer in animal rescue.

Watch a beautiful scene from Australia when an 11-year-old brave girl rescues a baby shark that has found itself in trouble. Well done Billie for intervening!