10 Things Parents Do Differently To Raise Grateful Kids

Raising children who are grateful and appreciative seems to be more and more difficult as material possessions seem to be valued more, even by adults. Raising grateful children is as easy as showing them how to emulate thankfulness while allowing them to realize their own good fortune.

Do not give in to their every whim.

Obtaining the latest greatest toy or electronic device is not an emergency. They will whine, cry and maybe, throw a tantrum, but let it be. They’ll get over it. They’ll live. It’s tempting to give in to keep the peace, especially if you can afford it, but that’s not the point. No matter what you’re financial situation, they can wait. Perhaps, let them wait until the next holiday or birthday to obtain that coveted item. Let grandparents know this so they do not undermine your authority and buy them these things. Simply ask them to run it by you first.

Teach them the value of money.

If they are paid a small allowance, make sure they do something to earn it. Keeping their room reasonably clean, for example, folding their own laundry, setting the table, emptying the dishwasher are also helpful chore they can participate in. They are plenty of age appropriate chores they can take responsibility for. It also makes them an active participant in the family unit where everyone makes a contribution. They won’t appreciate it at the time, but they will one day.

Along with the value of money, teach them the value of spending.

If they want a toy while you’re out shopping, tell them they will have to pay for it, or you’ll lay out the money, but they will have to pay you back from their own savings when you get home. You’ll be surprised how often they suddenly realize they can live without something they wanted so badly a minute ago when the cash is from their own stash. Let their grandparents and other relatives this is how you’re choosing to handle the value of money and things should not just be handed to them for the asking.

Let them know that you, too, have to delay or not buy something you might really want, too.

Tell them about a lovely $100 handbag or pair of shoes you would love to have, but other things need to be bought for the family and household that are priorities. Explain that you, too will have to save up for it, or simply not get it. Life goes on.

Please let them do their own homework! That’s what it’s for.

No child ever benefited from a parent carrying out a homework assignment for a child. If they procrastinate and don’t finish, they will face the consequences the teacher imposes, not you. They will not be killed or maimed. Let them take responsibility for their own assignments and jobs at home and in school. This is how they learn time management and planning skills.

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