It’s not uncommon for people to hide their emotions so that they may appear to be calm when they are not. Even though these actions are considered to be the norm, it can still have an adverse effect on an individual over time. That said, based on recent studies about the suppression of emotions, here’s 5 things that can happen when you suppress your emotions.

#1 – High Blood Pressure

When an individual suppresses their emotions, it can have an adverse effect on their physical health. In specific, most people can attest to the fact that their heart rate goes up along with their blood pressure when they are angry and cannot show it. So, this kind of stress is not healthy for the body, the heart or the brain.

#2 – Weight Gain

In addition to the blood pressure sky rocketing, people may also experience a certain amount of weight gain. In some situations, the suppression of emotions can be on a continuous basis on the job and even in the home. Therefore, a good outlet that usually makes people feel better artificially is stuffing their mouths with all kinds of different foods. Unfortunately, it does not really matter if the food really taste good since the art to emotional eating is simply eating. Therefore, people can begin loading on the calories and the weight without even knowing. So, it is important to know when it is time to speak your mind.

#3 – Digestive Problems

When people are under a lot of stress from things that they cannot control, they can experience a number of different problems. In specific, people can begin to experience problems with their digestion since their food does not digest properly when they are stressed out. For instance, some common problems that people experience may manifest itself in acid reflux, in an upset stomach and even constipation.

#4 – Grinding of the Teeth

Another problem that people may not recognize, unless someone else witnesses it and brings it to their attention, is the grinding of the teeth. Yes, when a person is trying to hide their emotions by bottling it up on the inside, they may begin a bad habit of grinding their teeth. Usually when people are grinding their teeth, they are trying their best to keep from spilling out their anger and frustration on the person or persons who are creating the problem.

#5 – Wrinkles Appearing in the Face

Most people do not want to age prematurely so they may use all kinds of anti-aging creams to preserve their smooth and wrinkle free skin. However, aging is not the only thing that causes wrinkles in the face. This is because wrinkles can be caused by people trying to conceal their natural expressions. Thereby, causing some people to have wrinkles earlier in life.

#6. Bad Sleep Habits

Another big problem that comes from suppressing your emotions is bad sleeping habits. In fact, some people may have problems sleeping at all until the problems have been addressed or corrected.

#7. Temporal Lobe Prevented from Doing Its Job

Parts of the body like the Temporal lobe have specific functions to do like stabilizing ones emotions. However, this part of the body cannot do its work if the person’s suppresses their emotions. To correct these issues, the person cannot take things personally or they may need to address the situation as politely as possible.

#8. Get Less Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that helps to regulate the stress in the body. It knows what to do when emotions are expressed naturally. Hugs, negative emotions, fear are all natural when they are expressed when they occur. However, when negative emotions are held in instead of released, less oxytocin is produced and can cause other problems to occur like reducing stress levels.

#9. Mental Fatique

Most people may not know that the brain can get tired too, especially when it is trying to process too much info simultaneously. One event that can happen is when the person is still trying to deal with an unpleasant event in their mind (that they are trying to suppress) along with new information coming in.

#10. Memory Loss

In addition to the brain getting tired, it can even lose the negative information that the person does not want to deal with, which can result in memory loss. Meaning memory loss can be selective since people may simply want to forget the event that occurred.

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