10 Sneaky Habits That Can Affect Your Relationship

When people have been fighting more than usual, they need to pinpoint the problems so that they can maintain a healthy relationship. Though everyone can have bumps in the road from time to time, the real problems may not be apparent when they begin.

Getting to the root cause can be challenging. However, when an individual can review the following 10 things, they may discover why certain problems exist and how to correct them.

#1 – Socia Media Overload

It’s not uncommon for people to spend most of their time on their mobile phones, texting or talking to people via their Facebook page or on twitter. While these social media forums have become a staple today in places all over the globe, spending too much time can be a relationship killer. This is because sometimes people spend more time talking to others on social media instead of communicating with people that’s physically around them.

#2 – Too much Junk Food

According to recent studies from Ohio State University, junk food can make a major difference in an individual’s overall response to people around them. In fact, based on these studies, the unhealthy snacks and foods can have a large impact on the person’s digestive and their brain chemistry as well. Thereby, causing the person’s mood to change and sour.

#3 – Frivolous Spending

Many times people can completely destroy their own relationships when they do not pull in their spending. There are many fights caused by financial problems and can be the impending doom for those who do not resolve their spending on frivolous things.

#4 – Lack of Questions

Some people do not nurture their relationships properly because they do not ask the other person about what is going on in their life. By asking more questions, the person will not only show more interest, but will also show how that can add value to someone else’s life.

#5 – Focusing on the Small Stuff

Another common reason for putting lots of unnecessary strain on any relationship is talking about all of the small stuff that really does not matter. From who will be taking out the garbage or who’s turn is it to take the children to school, some arguments and concerns can and should be eliminated.

#6 – Physical Contact is Limited outside the bedroom

While the bedroom is an important part of relationships when people marry and have children, it is not the only part of closeness that the couple should feel. Therefore, they should not forget to hold hands and embrace each other, especially when they are no longer in the bedroom.

#7 – Underestimating Self-Worth

Before an individual can share their love with others, one of the first rules of having a good relationship is understanding one’s own self-value. Which means, a little time apart instead of always together can be very beneficial to a wholesome relationship.

#8 – Over Estimating Perfection in the Other Person

No body is perfect, even though most people may want the other person to be. Therefore, it’s important to cut people a little more slack since people do have flaws that may need to be addressed or changed completely.

#9 – Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can also be a heavy weight and strain on any relationship. This is because people can easily become irritated and crabby when they do not get enough sleep at night.

#10 – Competition

Healthy competition is always alright. However, when people become too competitive, the tactics to win can become vicious if the person takes the competition personally.


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