How to Remain Forever Young and Healthy with theseTen Tips From A Shaolin Monk

Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to being well and looking great, but many individuals around the worldoften tend to ignorethis well-known fact. This made merealize that in order formore of us to follow thepath to health, we need tosurround ourselves, on a daily basis, withtruthful and motivational messages that regard to this concern, such as the onebelow (it is a Shaolin Classic, whichI translated, written by a very wise and achieving monk who tended to give on-point and powerful advice on how to stay forever young and healthy).

  • Ten Tips on How to Remain Forever Young and Healthy:

1. Stop thinking too much. Constant thinking takes energy away from your body; this will make you start looking older–much sooner than later.

2. Stop talking too much. Less talk and more action is a key to decreasing stress in one’s life.

3. When you look at something for too long, your internal peace, eyes and organs might get damage in the long run, so if you are constantly on one spot at work or at home, make sure to take 10 minute breaks every hour.

4. To avoid damaging your lung energy, learn to control your happiness.

5. Make sure not to worry or get angry too much, because having these types of emotions within you, on a daily basis, might harm your liver and your intestines.

6. Don’t eat your entire full course meal. When you eat, don’t eat too much. In order to not damage your spleen, always make sure you are not quite full.

7. There’s no need to rush. When you do things, take your time.

8. In order to be well-balanced and have a patient mindset, it is important that you do Qigong exercises. This gentle exercises balance the Yin in your body.

9. In order to always have Yang energy, it is important that you do fast-paced physical activities, such as jogging, walking, or swimming.

10. Shaolin Gong Fu gives you training on how to balance your Yin and Yang, which is something that must be understood in order to fully know what your body is in need of.

Frances Luna
Source: The Mind Unleashed

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