6 Traits of Selfish People (And How To Avoid Them)

Throughout life, one will come in contact with many selfish people and there are a number of characteristics that will define a selfish person. However, a selfish person is different from a self loving person and can be defined by someone who has two main characteristics. These characteristics involve an obsession with the self as one of them, whilst having no regard for anyone else at the same time. In this article we will outline six characteristics that define a selfish person.

1.The technique of manipulation

The first characteristic that the person will show, is that of a master manipulator and this will have been learnt from childhood. Learning to manipulate is not something that we are born with. It is developed over time and is practiced. It is important that children develop a sense of selfishness when they are young, but if this is carried on into adulthood, you will quickly realize that you are being manipulated when you try to argue with the person.

2. The effect of being uncaring

You will often find that selfish people are uncaring and also neglectful to your needs. If you open up your emotions to them they will take advantage of this, even if they seem like they are not. In this situation there is only one way in which to deal with this and that is to put your self first when you are with them and to let them know this as well. They will not be able to tolerate this and they will not be able to understand what you are doing either.

3. The desire to plot and scheme

This will take place when the selfish individual feels out of control and they will then want to plot and scheme in order to get their own way. They will want to control everything and will not let you control in any way. You will therefore need to counteract this simply by being kind to them. If they cannot deal with this then you simply need to let them go on their way and not get in the way.

4. The act of being conceited and self-centered

The way in which a selfish person will develop themselves so as to be better is by putting them first and by putting you down. They will do this effectively by making out that everything they say is of relevance and everything that you say is not. The way in which to deal with this effect is to simply ignore them and to carry on letting them be how they are. The trick is simply not to let it affect you personally.

5. Sharing and giving is not an easy thing to do

Selfish people may come across as being caring for others but it is not an easy thing for them to do and those actions will show through in this situation. In this situation they may do something that comes across as caring but they will then want everyone to know about it so that they are praised for it. In this situation it is best to let the gesture of good will go unnoticed and not to praise them for it.

6. They expect others to do things for them

A selfish person will have high expectations of what they want from others and it is important to realize this when it is happening. The way in which to deal with this is to not let them have what they want and to not let them control you in this type of situation.

A selfish personality is self-indulgent and arrogant and it is important to stay away from individuals who have developed into a selfish person until they have corrected this personality.

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