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6 Tips To Love Yourself Again

Every human comes from love, and hopefully, lives surrounded by love. Loving your Self is a part of the love you should be living with. However, even the spiritual masters have moments when they don’t like who they are. This love-hate relationship is something we will deal with throughout our lives.
When the inevitable happens, and you begin to hate yourself, stop and remember that love lives within you. The trick is learning how to bring it forward. These six exercises will offer you ways to experience again the feelings of self-love:

1. Celebrate “You”

You are a walking, talking miracle! You are here today to bring love to the world, in your own unique way. Celebrate the person that is uniquely you.
Every morning you should thank each of your body parts for the function they perform. Without your eyes you could not see the beauty of the world around you. Without your ears you would miss the sounds of the wind through the trees, a child laughing, and the sweet sounds of music. Your mouth allows you to smile, your limbs allow you to walk and manipulate your environment. Each part of your body allows you to perform specific tasks. Thank these parts and welcome their functions.

2.Let your inner child play

Your inner child is filled with love and compassion, and does not know about the emotional pain in your life. This inner child lives in hiding, waiting to be allowed to laugh and play again.

Let go of some of the ties that keep you down in life. Give your inner child permission to come forth and dance to the music that lives in your soul. Stop running the rat race and living by every standard set by our society. Choose to live by your standards, which means you allow yourself to love who you are, just as you are.

3. Forgive yourself

Mistakes are a part of life that no one can avoid. There is no need to feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty about wrongdoings from the past. Accept that you are not perfect, and learn from the ups and downs in your life. As you grow, you will continue to learn new things, and learn from your mistakes.

When you start feeling the self-hate come upon you, stop and remember that love lives deep within. You are a part of a whole, and loving yourself is an essential part of your life in this world.

4. Meditate

In order to give love, you first need to give love a place of honor within your being. When you let love flow through every cell in your body, you will have abundant love to hold and share.

Find a comfortable spot to sit and meditate for at least a half-hour each day. Think of yourself as a being filled with the light of compassion and love – for yourself, and all life. You are a part of the universe, take your energy from this source. When you meditate and fill your thoughts with love and kindness, you actually retrain your thinking – turning fear into love.

5. You are not just a part of the whole

You are a whole being, as well as being a part of the whole. You have all the strength, love, compassion, happiness, and every other thing needed to live a good life, inside you, without needing to seek something externally. You bring life to this planet; without you here, the collective consciousness of the world would change.

Stop with the self-doubt and hate. You are here for a purpose, and need to know that you are a complete being. Every day you should tell yourself “I am complete” and absorb these words in every fiber of your body. Soon this will become ingrained in your believe about self-love.

6. Listen to your heart

Every human has different likes and dislikes; this creates a remarkable world that works well together. Allow yourself the freedom to follow your heart and find your own way to love and happiness.

You should never deny what your soul is truly longing for. If travel is what you dream of, find a way to make it happen. Is cooking your passion? Open a restaurant. Write a book, start a garden, do whatever it takes to fill that yearning deep within your soul. Not only will you allow love to flow freely, you will nourish your whole soul. Don’t deny yourself what you were born to do. Follow your dreams, there’s no telling where you may go.


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