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10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is produced from nuts rising from an Argan tree that grows only in Morocco, North Africa. Argan oil is extracted in a natural way in cooperatives run by local Amazigh women (natives). The raw Argan kernels are hand-extracted from the hard shell through a technique used for centuries. They hand crack Argan shell nuts in between two stones. To produce just one liter of Argan oils a woman needs to work three days. So this is the reason why it is valuable.


In 1998, the Argan forest in Morocco was designated a UNESCO protected biosphere so that this oil will be produced in the coming years.

Here is a list of 10 most benefits of Argan oil:

  • 1. Anti Aging

There is a high amount of vitamin E which helps to reduce the free radical damage. These damages are usually caused when the skin is exposed to harmful sun rays. Saponins are also contained in Argan oil and this helps to soften the skin. It fights early ageing by restoring the skin’s hydro-lipid layer.

  • 2. Healing Properties

If you have problems with joint pain or for scar reduction, a daily massage with Argan oil can help too much. Also, Triterpenoids is a constituent in it and its main function is to heal tissue scars and provide sun protection. It can also function as a disinfectant because Argan contains anti-inflammatory properties. Argan oil can help people suffering with arthritis or rheumatic problems.

  • 3. Lowers Cholesterol Level:

Schottenol and spinasterol are a unique property of Argan oil in comparison to other vegetable oil. Plant sterols contained in Argan helps the body in reducing inflammations. It also fights cholesterol by absorbing it. More than this, it makes the body immune and it enhances blood circulation.

  • 4. Healthy Digestion

If your body has a problem of digestion, you can try Argan oil as it increases the concentration of enzyme pepsin in the gastric juice. Flavanoids contained in Argan is also an anti-oxidant that helps the body to reduce the inflammation either internally or externally.

  • 5. Skin Ailments

Argan oil is very good for soothing the skin and providing a relief to the dry and itchy parts of it. Also, it is very accurate in removing the stretch marks of pregnancy.

  • 6. Fizzy Hair

Thanks to the high abundance of vitamin E in Argan oil, it can have great benefits for dry and frizzy hair. It adds moisture to the dry hair and reduces split ends as it contains a great amount of unsaturated fatty acids. It is suitable to apply it on hair and especially on the ends. Keep all the night and wash it in the morning. With the previous operation, you will end up with a shiny and smooth hair.

  • 7. Healthy Scalp

Argan oil treatment is very suitable for the ones who suffer from dry and flaky scalp. You apply some oil in the affected areas all the night, and then use a clarifying shampoo the nexst night. Argan will have a great penetration on the scalped area and it will moisture it.

  • 8. Glowing Face

Argan oil is included in very expensive beauty products. If you can’t afford those products you can just mix your cream with 10 drops of Argan oil and then in the morning you will see the diffrence.

  • 9. Smooth Nails

If you are having weak and brittle nails, you can just apply a regular massage of Argan oil. It contains vitamin E which strengthens the nails and softens the cuticles.

  • 10. Prevent Acne

Again vitamin E is responsible for naturally decreasing skin inflammation caused by acne. If you use it regularly, you will end up with a healthy skin and mild acne will disappear gradually.

by A. El Hani

Source: stylecraze

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